Future of Cybersecurity in IoT

Name: Jeroen Kroon, Senior Security Director
Topic: Future of Cybersecurity in IoT
Date of Webinar: 16th October 2018
Time and Location: 9am CET/12:30pm IST/3:00pm SGT

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Speaker Bio: Jeroen Kroon is a Senior Security Director with many years of experience of working in global organizations. He started his professional career in the IT industry over thirty years ago and has experience in software development, as well as infrastructures. More than 15 years ago, he specialized in the Information and Cybersecurity domain, gaining top-level management positions within the Security portfolio for large IT service providers such as IBM, Atos, Wipro, and Cognizant. He became a subject-matter expert in compliance, risk management, cloud, IoT, security architecture, and privacy and is also a part-time teacher at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

Topic Abstract: This topic elucidates on the existing facts about cybersecurity, related to the Internet of Things; what makes IoT security so different; challenges for existing security solutions/vendors in the IoT space; and expectations regarding the future of cybersecurity for IoT. During this presentation Jeroen Kroon will present the actual facts regarding IOT, and the associated existing risks. Explaining more in depth the different threats that exists, and how they are handled currently. This will result in an overview of existing gaps/challenges we are facing today. Expectations, vendor improvements, new approaches are needed to face this tremendous growth in volume and complexity.

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