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Promoting Women in Cybersecurity
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Even though more than half of cybersecurity professionals are men, the industry is smoothly transitioning towards a gender-balanced future. We have come a long way since 2016, when female cybersecurity experts represented a mere 11% in the security workforce to now, with 28% in the domain.

As more women join the industry, EC-Council University regards it as a responsibility to empower female cybersecurity aspirants with a higher level of education, hands-on training, and relevant resources to take assertive steps towards cybersecurity roles. To further our efforts on this International Women’s Day, we proudly announce a dedicated women-oriented program, “President’s Scholarship for Women in Cybersecurity,” assisting new and current women undergraduates and graduates with tuition assistance to reach their future endeavors.

    More About President’s Scholarship for Women in Cybersecurity


    Greetings from EC-Council University on International Women’s Day!

    It is my honor to lead such an exceptional institution where we empower women to excel in cybersecurity.

    As we celebrate International Women’s Day, let’s pause to acknowledge women’s achievements in cybersecurity along the way and reaffirm our commitment to gender parity in the industry. As a woman in the cybersecurity industry, I have always admired the outstanding contributions of my fellow women colleagues and alumni, making this a memorable journey. I am also proud to announce that we at EC-Council University nurture an environment that enables women to pursue their passion and cultivate their talents in the cyberspace.

    As Vice President Kamala Harris recently observed, 2.5 million women leaving the workforce during the pandemic as a “national emergency,” and so I consider “now”to be the right time for us, as a higher education institution,to play our part. Looking at the severe scarcity of women in cybersecurity, EC-Council University is committed to enable and empower aspiring women to follow their passion for the industry.

    In alignment with this year’s overarching theme of “Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress,” I am excited to announce that EC-Council University is fully committed to actively empowering women within the industry. Our dedication to this cause is evident in our various initiatives to encourage and support women in assuming leadership roles.

    To reflect our mission of achieving gender parity in cybersecurity, we have introduced the Women in Cybersecurity Scholarship, to offer tuition assistance to women continuing their cybersecurity education. We are now ready to go above and beyond to fulfill our promise to uplift women in cybersecurity.

    Looking ahead, women aspirants and working women in the cybersecurity industry have my commitment that I am here to help you acquire the resources you need to excel in your career.

    I hope that this gesture will inspire more women to join the cybersecurity field, and I feel grateful to all those who have been highly supportive of and contributive to our cause.

    Together, we can accomplish a gender-equal cybersecurity world.


    Lata Bavisi

    EC-Council University


    At EC-Council University, we are dedicated to bringing brilliant women’s minds together to foster their drive for cybersecurity and achieve the goal of parity. We aim to advance women to thrive in the industry by creating educational and career-related cybersecurity opportunities through hands-on training, distance learning resources, experienced faculties, and self-assessment tools.

    To take this mission up a notch, EC-Council University (ECCU) is proud to announce the development of its President’s Scholarship for Women in Cybersecurity, designed to provide tuition assistance to women pursuing undergraduate and graduate studies.

    A scholarship of up to $2,000 will be awarded to women who participate in cybersecurity competitions recognized by EC-Council and receive a designated award. The scholarship will be applied in increments based on how many credits are required to be taken, beginning with the degree program’s initial term. For example, if the recipient is enrolled in the master’s program and has to complete the full 36 credits, and enrolls in 6 credits the first term, the recipient will receive $333.33 for the term ($2000/36 = $55.55 per credit hour, $55.55*6 = $333.33).

    This scholarship was developed to provide tuition assistance to women pursuing a college degree to gain access to the world of cybersecurity, an industry very much in need of women employees.

    Eligibility Criteria for President’s Scholarship for Women in Cybersecurity


    The applicant must meet all university admission requirements as delineated in the ECCU Catalog (see the Catalog for complete requirements) and meet admissions deadlines.

    For Undergraduate (Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security)

    1. Be at least 18 years of age.
    2. Have earned an Associate’s degree or foreign equivalent from an appropriately accredited institution or have completed at least 60 semester credit hours and submit proof of a High School Diploma or foreign equivalent.
    3. Have completed a college-level English and Math course with a grade of “C” or better.
    4. Must be sufficiently proficient in English (see the ECCU Catalog for international degrees).

    For Graduate (Master of Science in Cyber Security)

    1. Be at least 18 years of age.
    2. Have earned a bachelor’s degree or foreign equivalent from an appropriately accredited institution.
    3. Must be sufficiently proficient in English (see the ECCU Catalog for international degrees).

    For Graduate (Master of Science in Computer Science (MCS))

    1. Be at least 18 years of age.
    2. Have earned a bachelor’s degree or foreign equivalent from an appropriately accredited institution.
    3. Must be sufficiently proficient in English (see the catalog for international degrees).

    How to Apply for the President’s Scholarship for Women in Cyber Security?

    It’s simple. Initiate your formal request letter by addressing the following topics:

    1. Write an essay of a minimum of 200 words on “Women in Cyber Leadership.”
    2. Send us a video message sharing your thoughts on why you deserve this scholarship.
    3. Mention your personal and professional goals.
    4. A brief personal and professional history/biography.
    5. Provide your full contact information.
    6. The letter must be free of mechanical errors, grammatically correct, and appropriately formatted.

    The eligible candidates would be entitled to receive a scholarship of $2,000 that can be spent on EC-Council University’s Bachelor’s as well as Master’s degree programs.

    How to Maintain the President’s Scholarship for Women in Cybersecurity?

    You need to maintain the scholarship from term to term. You must maintain continuous enrollment and meet ECCU’s “Criteria for Maintaining Continual Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)” (GPA, course completion rate, etc.) as delineated in the ECCU Catalog. If you fail to maintain SAP, the scholarship can either be canceled or revoked. Once you are no longer on Academic Probation, the scholarship can be reinstated.

    Extended Assistance with Need-Based Scholarship

    In case you need further assistance, we have your back. We understand that some of you are independent, thus maintaining a low-income background. EC-Council University encourages such students to keep pursuing their dreams with an extended fellowship program.

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    Why More Women Like You Should Consider Cybersecurity as a Career?

    We understand women aren’t likely to enter cybersecurity for varied reasons. The industry seems to be technical in nature, and stereotypes against women raise questions about your capabilities. Another factor suggests that there is a lack of resources and unawareness in the community. But just as you have plenty of challenges to overcome, we give you a list of reasons to rethink your career growth in cybersecurity.

    1. The Industry Is Eager to Find Qualified Professionals

    With currently over 61,000 cybersecurity jobs posted over LinkedIn in the US, enterprises are searching for skillful minds in the industry to take up the challenge. Over the past few years, organizations and government agencies have recognized that their departments’ lack of diversity deprives them of innovative solutions. As an aspirant, you would need to build in-demand skills and bring your divergent opinions to the workplace.

    2. You Can Break Barriers

    The industry needs women like you who inspire, encourage, and take responsibility as a mentor and sponsor to prepare female aspirants to take over as the next set of cybersecurity leaders.

    3. Opportunity to Fight Cyber Violence Against Women and Girls

    The sheer volume of cybercrimes against women severely affects their emotional and psychological state. Women face various forms of cyber violence, which includes, but are not limited to, deepfakes, cyber stalking, unsolicited pornography, cyber bullying, sextortion, rape and death threats, and several other issues. By entering the industry, you can make a real difference in society.

    4. You Can Make a Real Impact in Your Community

    Cybercrimes are responsible for destructively affecting the global economy and the jobs of millions of individuals. While Accenture’s Ninth Annual Cost of Cybercrime Study estimates $5.2 trillion of global loss for businesses in the next five years, Hiscox, a London Stock Exchange-listed business insurance provider, claims that digital incidents cost $200,000 on average, pushing companies out of business. In such an uncertain environment, divergent thinking can bring creative solutions to cybersecurity concerns.

    5. Availability of Dedicated Scholarships

    To uplift the representation of women in information security, we have created a scholarship program that promotes promising applicants like you to follow your passion and continue your cybersecurity education without hurdles.

    Job Roles You Can Take Up After Completing Your Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Cybersecurity

    After Bachelor’s Degree After Master’s Degree
    • Information Security Analyst
    • Network Security Analyst
    • Computer Network Architect
    • IS Security Manager
    • Application Security Engineer
      • Computer and Information Research Scientist
      • Security Engineer – Penetration Tester
      • Product Security Engineer
      • Security Consultant
      • Software Security Engineer

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    Questions other students are asking

    To get started in cybersecurity, you would need to have at least a bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity, computer science, information technology, or any other related field. This ensures that the candidate possesses technical skills. For mid- or C-level positions, your hands-on experience and certifications would play a bigger role.

    To build a career in cybersecurity, you should have a basic knowledge of IT in general. Now, stick to your interests from dozens of domains — security operations, digital forensics, incident management, business continuity, cloud security, and various others. Besides that, build hands-on experience in the respective field. The last bit could be tricky, so the best solution is to get a degree in cybersecurity, which helps you to gain practically applicable skills.

    It is not difficult to get a job in cybersecurity if you have the right skill sets and hands-on experience. EC-Council University’s degree programs enable you to achieve both.

    Gaining in-demand cybersecurity skills will help you to grab your first job. With EC-Council University’s more than 200 hours of intense lab exercises, you can build hands-on experience and state-of-the-art skills.