Certification Comparisons

Bachelor Degree Courses

Master Degree Courses


EC-Council University Student Price

EC-Council Price

CIS 403

Network Security, Firewalls, and VPNs

ECCU 500

Managing Secure Network Systems


(ANSI Accredited)

N/A $350 + $100 Application Fee
CIS 404

Hacker Techniques, Tools, and Incident Handling

ECCU 501

Ethical Hacking & Countermeasures


(ANSI Accredited)

N/A $950 + $100 Application Fee
CIS 406

System Forensics, Investigation, and Response

ECCU 502

Investigating Network Intrusions and Computer Forensics


(ANSI Accredited)

N/A $500 + $100 Application Fee
CIS 302
Managing Risk in
Information Systems
CIS 304
Auditing IT
Infrastructures for Compliance
CIS 303
Security Policies
and Implementation
Security Pro
CIS 402
Security Strategy in
Linux Platform and Applications
Linux PRO
ECCU 503

Security Analysis and Vulnerability Assessment

ECSA N/A $999 + $100 Application Fee
ECCU 506

Conducting Penetration and Security Tests

LPT Exam Fee: $800
iLab Fee: $200 for LPT
$899 + $100 Application Fee
ECCU 510

Secure Programming

ECSP N/A $350 + $100 Application Fee
ECCU 513

Disaster Recovery

EDRP N/A $350 + $100 Application Fee
ECCU 522

Incident Handling and Response

ECIH N/A $199 + $100 Application Fee
ECCU 523

Executive Governance and Management

EISM N/A $999 + $100 Application Fee
ECCU 523

Executive Governance and Management


(ANSI Accredited)

Exam Fee: $999 $999 + $100 Application Fee

Many of the core courses in the Master’s and Bachelor’s degree program parallel the knowledge requirements for EC-Council certifications. Once a student has completed and passed the corresponding ECCU course, then they are eligible to test for the EC-Council certification. Students must pass the test to achieve the certification. Receiving a passing grade in the ECCU course does NOT guarantee a student will pass the certification exam.

At ECCU, students have the unique ability to take the certification exam as it is embedded into the program. This allows the student to receive both the academic component of the course as well as obtain the industry readiness requirement before landing themselves on to a job through the certification.

This bundling of the degree and industry certification is a unique offering only at ECCU!