EC-Council Certifications and Certification Comparisons

Certification Comparisons

Bachelor Degree Courses

Master Degree Courses


EC-Council University Student Price

EC-Council Price

CIS 403 ECCU 500 CND $150 $650 + $100 Application Fee
CIS 404 ECCU 501 CEH $150 $650 + $100 Application Fee
CIS 406 ECCU 502 CHFI $150 $650 + $100 Application Fee
ECCU 503 ECSA $150 $650 + $100 Application Fee
ECCU 506 LPT $150 $899 + $100 Application Fee
ECCU 510 ECSP $150 $650 + $100 Application Fee
ECCU 513 EDRP $150 $200 + $100 Application Fee

Many of the core courses in the Master’s and Bachelor’s degree program parallel the knowledge requirements for EC-Council certifications. Once a student has completed and passed the corresponding ECCU course, then they are eligible to test for the EC-Council certification. Students must pass the test to achieve the certification. Receiving a passing grade in the ECCU course does NOT guarantee a student will pass the certification exam. While passing the ECCU course waives the education requirement, students are responsible for the cost of the exam. To take the test, students must contact EC-Council to purchase the exam voucher. ECCU has negotiated a student rate of $150 for the exam vouchers. If the certification exam is NOT passed the first time, ECCU students may purchase additional vouchers at the student rate of $150. For more information contact ECCU at: [email protected].