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EC-Council University is dedicated to creating superior educational programs enabling graduates to be equipped to face the latest IT security risks and lead their colleagues in strategically handling those challenges.

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EC-Council University is an accredited and 100% online university that provides degrees in cybersecurity at graduate and undergraduate levels.

Our faculty is actively practicing their profession in the field, serving as mentors for the students with new, real-life examples. You will get a hands-on advanced security education that you will use while in the field. This helps you hit the ground running and will help you become a functional cybersecurity professional from day one of your employment!

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Our Programs


in Cyber Security

The program consists of topical areas dealing with computer security management, incident response, and security threat assessment.

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in Cyber Security

Choose between five specializations to assume cybersecurity and assurance leadership roles in corporations, agencies, and organizations.

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Certificate Program

Focuses on the competencies necessary for cybersecurity professionals to become managers, directors, CIOs and leaders.

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Designed for scholars from across the world looking to take a specific course from ECCU’s degree programs without having to fulfill degree requirements.

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Addressing the REAL-ON GROUND Cybersecurity Issues

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