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Written Testimonials

Youssef Elmalty

Global Cybersecurity Architect, IBM

I am a cybersecurity professional with deep specialization in defense in depth strategies and cybercrime investigation tactics. I have been associated with IBM for nearly a decade, performing various roles, and currently working as the Global Cybersecurity Architect. I am responsible for the overall cybersecurity strategy of the organization, ensuring its protection against all internal and external cyber threats.

I was keen on strengthening my creditability in the industry and wanted to master complicated cybersecurity topics. Without a second thought, I chose EC-Council University (ECCU) as it is among the most renowned cybersecurity-focused universities across the globe. It also offered the course in part-time and online learning modules which was very convenient for me because of my busy schedule as a cybersecurity professional. Moreover, I was very excited in enrolling into the program because I was already holding many other certifications including CEH, CHFI, ECSA, and LPT from EC-Council.

These certications will qualify for a credit transfer when you enroll in the MSS, which means, it shortens your time to attain the postgraduate qualification and saves you a ton of money.

At first, I was a little hesitant to go back to the university. I am a very busy professional and I knew it would be tough to balance my career with the expectations from the school. However, after a lot of thought, I enrolled into the Master of Science in Cybersecurity (MSS) program. I was expecting the course to be challenging and it did not disappoint.

ECCU employs some of the best faculty in this space. The professors made difficult subjects easy to traverse, and honestly, they made it fun. One of the best parts of learning with EC-Council is that the faculty is very engaging. Most of them are active thought leaders in the cybersecurity space with extensive hands-on experience in the topic, which made the class even more interesting.

The most interesting part about the course was where we got to apply all the theories into real-world scenarios. There were, a
few courses that were difficult in nature, while the others where I had innate experience came to me naturally.

Earning Master’s degree in cybersecurity adds to your credentials and potentially attests your passion in the eld. In my opinion, organizations will always find it beneficial to have a skilled professional who has a solid education attained from a credible and accredited university like ECCU to take leadership roles. The MSS degree definitely helped me climb my company’s career ladder faster. I was able to get into a high-rank position with a bigger paycheck upon graduation.

Earning the degree was a great milestone for me personally. Everyone around me are really proud of my achievements and I am glad that I could put a smile on their faces.

I always try to give back to the cybersecurity universe through various means such as volunteer work, teaching in schools and universities, and educating people in forums and conferences. I am also a strong promoter of bringing women to the cybersecurity space.

My advice to the future aspirants is to start now. Do not delay anything or make excuses. Start now and try to align studies with your work. Try to make your research paper your next project at work or vice versa. This will save time and help you excel at work and school, simultaneously.

We are in the digital era where everything is accessible online. Universities like ECCU are online. You don’t have to drive through traffic to attend class, you don’t have to travel overseas to attend college; simply open your laptop and you are in class with your professors and fellow students from across the world.

My experience with MSS has been fantastic and I recommend the course to all.

Xerxes Philip Kiok Kan

(Regional ISMS & BCMS Leader, Asia Pacific Japan (APJ), Hewlett-Packard Enterprise)

Being a veteran in the eld of information security, I knew it was high time for me to formalize my learning and broaden my understanding of cybersecurity. While I possessed the theoretical knowledge about the eld, I was looking for a program that will helped me build on my knowledge and to provide me the practical proficiency in the eld of cybersecurity that every leader needs.

During my research, I noticed that most universities and/or institutions in Asia (especially in Philippines & Hong Kong) did not offer a program focused on cyber security. I was slightly surprised given the need of cybersecurity awareness is increasing with each passing day. Nevertheless, I came across ECCU and its MSS program during my research, and could immediately relate to the outline of the program. It has a strong emphasis on cybersecurity, organizational structure and behavioral research. There is a lot of emphasis on technical writing, and that was exactly what I needed in my course. Seeing the course covering all the bases, right from governance, legal, regulatory framework and the technical nitty gritty of the cyber security profession like penetration testing, forensics, etc., I knew I was making the right choice.

Also, because the entire postgraduate program was delivered as a “hands-on” online course, it gave me the exibility to manage my commitment at work and have a work-study balance.

Within the rest few days of signing up, I realised that it is just not any other program. It grills you, tests you, and evaluates you at every step. Their expectation is very high and they have a life online cyber range that they use to ensure you acquire hands-on cyber skills. I have always believed that anything that is easy to pursue does not benet a professional in the long run. I was pleasantly surprised to see the intensity of the course and the way it thoroughly tested me. The weekly assignments, healthy class discussions, and preparation of research papers helped me learn and observe what it takes to be a global cybersecurity professional.

Apart from providing great knowledge about cybersecurity, the program also exposes you to real-world scenarios and teaches you to deal with them. All of this delivered by a world-class faculty that all have been cybersecurity practitioners for global organizations themselves. I remember performing security scanning, complicated vulnerability assessments, advanced penetration tests, and, then, coming up with a report on the outcome. While these tasks made me burn the midnight oil, it provided me the competence to understand how important penetration testing and vulnerability scanning is for a cybersecurity leader.

I was also impressed on how the exams were designed, each of them having its own unique focus area. While some focussed on theory, some evaluated the skills and the temperament of a professional in a difficult but practical situation. Also, passing the MSS is not a cakewalk since one must pass multiple courses to complete the program. My advice to students would be to meet their commitments and implement time-management while pursuing the exam, or else get ready to flunk the course.

It goes without saying that my experience with MSS program was great. Thanks to this program and EC-Council University, I have could take up a regional role in my organization and I am now able to spread my knowledge about cybersecurity through newsletters and articles in my community. Above all, it has made my family and friends feel proud of my achievements. I definitely recommend this program to everyone.

Having my MSS helped differentiate my resume from others and facilitated my recent offering of Director of Security at a large oil and gas company. The curriculum really helped hone my research skills, enabling me to quickly produce professional security research reports.

At the time of enrollment at EC Council University i held a position of General Manager Technical and Security Services and now, I successfully landed a promotion as a Director of Security.

MSS has great curriculum which is all related to cyber security. My advice for prospective students, make sure you readily participate in discussion forums and reach out to your instructors when you need assistance

K. Geo Goolsbay

I am currently a consultant for a company in silicon valley, working as a penetration tester.

How did you get involved with cybersecurity?

I was working for Indian Health Service and I had a friend and colleague who was working with me. She worked in QA and I was working in a software development department for the electronic health record. She guided me and gave me a lot of information about hacking and about information security. That’s what led to further exploration in that area.

How did you hear about ECCU?

It took me a little bit of time. It wasn’t until I started working for the Department of Defense as a consultant that I came to realize there are a set of industry standards certifications that are required to perform information assurance duties. With that came a broader understanding of EC-Council and that’s what really launched my exploration into the top certifications. ECCU teaches CEH which is part of the DOD directive. [The DOD has] a table that has a number of required certifications that are dependent upon job title.

When I saw CEH, I thought, I need to look into that and I need to see what the organization is about. Some of the other people that I worked with had mentioned EC-Council University and that launched my exploration of what ECCU was about.

How has your education from ECCU helped you with your day-today job?

It gave me the technical foundation that I require to perform the duties for each consulting position that I have had. I found that prior to [attending ECCU], I didn’t have a strong technical background. Having the ECCU course material, I was able to really enhance my understanding and it made me very successful. It helped me get the current position I have now in Pen testing.”

How long did it take to complete the ECCU program?

It was about a 2 year span to complete the entire program. I worked full time and so the thing I loved about the program is I was able to do full time work; and I was able to pursue my studies on my own time at my own pace. It was really helpful for me to manage and balance both worlds.

If you could change anything about the ECCU program, what would it be?

I felt like my course studies were very complete. The one thing I would say is that I loved the labs and I would add more hands on labs. You do provide that now but there is always room to have more of that.

How has the ECCU staff helped you while attending the University?

My professors were incredible. I was able to reach out to them whenever I needed guidance on a project. I was able to get a lot of support in information and resources that I could use to do my homework. I did not have a prior history in IT or infosec, so I relied on the materials, the links and the resources that [ECCU] provided to guide me. I felt [instructors] were very responsive and always available. In terms of the rest of the staff at ECCU, whenever I had a question it was always answered immediately. [They] were always very warming, welcoming, and supportive.

As a woman, do you face any difficulties in your line of work?

I think, as a woman, its important to have technical skills. There were times when communicating with engineers or other infosec professionals, if I turned it back around to the degree program that I went through at ECCU; The degree program gave me that technical foundation so that I can speak competently and confidently about technical things.

What advice would you give someone who is thinking about attending ECCU?

The advise I would give for someone who is contemplating attending would be to make a roadmap and plan out appropriate time for your studies. It is important that with any degree program you are required to do work, write papers, do research, get into the labs and perform technical work within the lab. That takes time. For me, because I worked full time and I attended the University, it required me to map out my schedule. I would tell other students to think about how much time you are going to require to really be successful for your coursework and plan accordingly.

Chrissa Constantine

I have successfully passed the interview and got selected for the Senior Security Analyst Role for a large Internet Service-provider in US. I will be traveling to New Jersey by the first week of May [2015]. This has been the happiest moment of my career this year.

The interview was tough and I was well aware of this since many of my senior colleagues had failed. I reviewed my course works on ECCU 507: Linux Networking and Security taught by Prof. Arnold and am lucky to be in Prof. Blaine’s ECCU 503: Security Analysis & Vulnerability Assessment, at the right time. These learnings have provided me the confidence and the critical knowledge required for this profile.

Am very grateful to the Professors and to the University for helping me strengthen my foundation in Security. I participated in the last month’s webinar hosted by Dr. Goldner and got to know the importance of MSS program from the Cyber-Security Industry perspective. Today I have practically experienced its importance and [the] influence [it has had] on my career.

I particularly want to highlight the motivation, challenges, and inspiration provided by our Professors which are truly INVALUABLE. I recently had tough situations in my personal life during the course time, but still I was very much motivated and supported by the Professors to overcome them.

I sincerely thank Prof. Arnold, Prof. Blaine and EC-Council University for giving me a bright future.

Vijay Srinivasan

First of all, I would like to thank, Sponsors of EC-Council University as they are providing me the Full tuition fees as scholarship in Master of Security Science program. I would also like to thank ECCU Management, administrative staffs and teachers for guiding me in study at ECCU. The ECCU Master of Security Science (MSS) program has given me a broader perspective and greater insights into business best practices. The MSS program is designed in such a way, where Theoretical study, Practical Labs as well as Research skills can be improved. Applying my learning, I have improved the systems and process in Information Security Assurance in my area of work. Mingling with fellow students from different areas of the world also helps me to improve the cross cultural knowledge and communication skills and also allows me to gain from their experiences and cross fertilization of ideas. The ECCU teaching methodology helps me to improve my work skills and makes me to resolve problems more quickly. The university curriculum and professors helping me to develop my skills for vulnerability assessment, identify the technology requirements to implement the information security successfully in enterprise level and submit report assessment and recommendation report on time with quality. At the time of starting the MSS program I was the Information Security Manager in a Bank and now I have joined a AVP and Information Security Analyst at EBL. I wish all the success of ECCU and all the members related with ECCU.

Anonymous EC-Council University Student