EC-Council University’s Graduate Certificate Program focuses on the competencies necessary for information assurance professionals to become managers, directors and CIOs.  Students will experience not only specialized technical training in a variety of IT security areas, but they will also acquire an understanding of organizational structure and behavior, the skills to work within and across that organizational structure, and the ability to analyze and navigate its hierarchy successfully.  Each certificate targets skills and understandings specific to particular roles in the IT security framework of an organization.  The certificates can be taken singly or as a progressive set of five–each building on the one before it to move students from IT practitioner skill levels to IT executive skill levels.

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Information Assurance is one of the fastest growing and most undefined fields in today’s world. Globally, definitions of Information Assurance or, IA, vary as much as the information that is being protected.

From government secrets and corporate intelligence; competitive advantage to private medical information on individuals, data protection is a daunting task. Organizational roles are widely unknown and many economies are failing from a security perspective. Hackers and cyber criminals are now operating in large organized crime rings making billions of dollars from unsuspecting individuals, corporations and governments. No one is safe.


EC-Council University has created a sample framework of functional and executive roles derived roughly from the United States Department of Homeland Security Essential Body of Knowledge (EBK) as published in 2008. (LINK?)

Using that EBK matrix and the job roles identified in the US Department of Defense descriptions (DODD8570.2) and corporate/industry input, the organization of the ECCUNI Graduate Certificate Program was Created.

Born from the ECCUNI Master of Security Science Curriculum and mapped to industry standards, each graduate certificate contains a series of benefits:

  • Preparation for Industry Recognized Certifications
  • NSA Program Mappings
  • Executive Leadership Development
  • Masters Level Education
  • Promoting Critical Thinking
  • Ethical Practice
  • Scholarship & Research

Specific courses in the certificates satisfy program requirements for the federal NSTISSI (National Security Telecommunications and Information Systems Security Committee) 4011, 4012, 4013A, 4014, 4015, and 4016 standards for Information Systems Security Professionals, Designated Approving Authorities, System Administration in Information Systems Security, Information System Security Officer, Systems Certifier and Information Security Risk Analyst, respectively.

Please see individual graduate certificate pages to identify the mappings.

The specified courseware has been certified at the highest national level by the Committee on National Security Systems (CNSS) – LINK – and maps to the NSTISSI standards listed above. For more information, please visit: CNSS – The Committee on National Security Systems.

The graduate certificates build upon each other, moving students through levels of skills and understandings increasingly directed to managerial and leadership positions in Information Assurance.

Graduate certificates do not guarantee certification but do prepare students to challenge the various independent industry examinations.

Program Delivery:

EC-Council University programs are delivered 100% online. Through years of adult learning experience, EC-Council University has refined the course delivery to include online delivery methods with e-learning and self study components alongside individual assignments to create a successful, flexible learning environment to meet the tough scheduling requirements of today’s busy IT professionals.