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    The Certified Penetration Testing Professional (CPENT) offered by EC-Council is an advanced program that explores the realms of penetration testing like no other course in its league, preparing our students to execute penetration testing in an enterprise network environment that ought to be exploited, defended, attacked, and evaded.

    EC-Council University Offers CPENT

    CPENT promotes academic rigor and job-ready skills, making our students who pass the exam the most advanced penetration testers globally and some of the most sought after professionals in the industry. What differentiates this course is that it bundles two certifications in one, making it the first program in the world that offers two potential outcomes in one single exam! Students who demonstrate top-notch skills in the test and score at least 90% on the exam based on some of the most hardened systems in the world, hands down earn the Licensed Penetration Tester (LPT) Master along with the CPENT certificate.

    It also means that our students need to give it more than 100% to clear this certification. They need to prepare mentally to overcome some of the most advanced obstacles real-world practitioners face in time-bound scenarios when conducting penetration tests.

    A student-driven program

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    ECCU’s CPENT is not just about mastering pen testing capabilities by putting to use live cyber ranges provided during the course.

    It is an experiential world, framed into our virtual campus setting, and it is designed to fuel our students’ success!

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    Our students learn from interacting with faculty over the courses, gaining nuanced knowledge and skillsets, networking with peers from across the globe, having access to a 24/7 library, exploring a robust curriculum to firm fundamentals and concepts of pen testing, and learning from weekly assignments and insight-led discussions

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    This course provides our students with enough practical exposure to perform the required activities hands-on. At its heart, CPENT offers our students engagement, experience, a safe zone to practice, and proficiency on future skillsets.

    The Value Drivers

    The live CPENT ranges are dynamically designed to provide our students with a real-world training program. These state-of-the-art practices and exam ranges mimic the actual targets and technology in live networks throughout the course period.

    Behold! These ranges, not to be mistaken for computer game simulations, challenge the best minds taking the course. Hands-on learning in such live cyber ranges exposes students to multiple layers of network segmentation. The faculty guides and supports students to navigate through treacherous labyrinths. This drill also equips them with the latest pivoting techniques needed to reach the next level.

    Upon course completion, our students will be equipped to:

    Execute penetration testing for determining vulnerabilities and calculating various security risks.

    Study the results of penetration testing that help determine the probability of exploitation and recommend post-penetration testing actions.

    Study web applications for their vulnerabilities, record penetration test protocols, and estimate the risk of exploitation.

    Evaluate the threats to audit security controls for risks and Internet of Things (IoT) and Operational Technology (OT) networks.

    Examine wireless networks for their vulnerabilities.

    Execute the complete penetration testing methodology to assess the security of an organization’s cloud mechanism.

    Multiple Disciplines Packed into
    ONE course

    For the first time in the industry, the assessment of CPENT is about multiple disciplines and not just one or two specialty types, offering Pen Testers to prove their abilities across a broad spectrum of “network zones.” What makes CPENT different is the offering of different scopes of work so that the students can “think on their feet.” Different zones within the course represent different types of testing, and anyone attempting the test will have to perform their assessment against these zones.

    Multiple Disciplines packed into ONE course

    CPENT does not imitate its predecessor

    The CPENT exam, associated with ECCU 506, is unlike its predecessor, ECSA. It does not assess skills on objective-type questions. Its exam, instead, assesses students on a live, hands-on project spanning 24 hours. Nonetheless, all of the hard work pays students in the form of two certifications at the cost of one. Those who score above 90% walk away with procuring both the LPT and CPENT.

    The Real Challenge

    The challenge is not just preparing for the certification but sitting for a grueling 24-hour performance-based, hands-on exam. CPENT is a fully online, remotely proctored practical exam.

    The exam is broken into two practical exam sessions of 12-hours each to test perseverance and focus. Our students have the option to choose either two 12-hour exams or one 24-hour exam depending upon how intense they want the test to be.