Why Choose ECCU

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    Why Choose ECCU

    Admission Inquiry

      What Studying at ECCU Means

      At EC-Council University you will find enough opportunities to reach your full potential, show your talent, and train to become the technology leader of tomorrow.

      We equip you to compete with the best in the world and embrace challenging positions. The four fundamental principles that shape our institution are:

      • Technology Revolution: preparing our students to excel in the new future.
      • Learn Anytime, Anywhere: making knowledge the currency of growth in cyber security.
      • Relevant Courses: reshaping the landscape of the learning environment.
      • Professional Faculty: offering expert guidance to our students.

      Why Choose EC-Council University?

      Study at an Accredited University


      EC-Council University is accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC)—a private, non-profit organization that operates as a national accreditor of distance education institutions. The U.S. Department of Education lists DEAC as a nationally recognized accrediting agency and also recognizes DEAC as a member of the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).

      Network with a Wide Range of Professionals

      ECCU has students attending courses from all across the globe. This makes for a great opportunity to interact and form professional relationships with other current and aspiring cyber security professionals from various countries, ethnicities, cultures, and backgrounds.


      Learn from the Best


      You will gain a world-class education, which will help you to prepare for a leadership career in cyber security. Our very strict policy of hiring faculty who have real-world experience, and who are leaders in the domain, has resulted in over 200 years of combined experience, allowing students a glimpse into the life and responsibilities they will own on moving into professional positions.

      Learn Anytime, Anywhere

      Our asynchronous, online androgogy methodology offers students easy access to courses with flexible class schedules. We follow the “Learn Anytime, Anywhere” model, allowing you to partake in exams from the comfort of your home on the condition that the event is proctored!


      Practice with iLabs


      All students who enroll in the degree courses at ECCU have access to iLabs where they practice what they learn in their classes, ensuring that learning is skill-based. These class-to-practice sessions offer hands-on experience in preparing our students for an illustrious career ahead.

      Celebrate Excellence

      Every year, at ECCU, we recognize students, faculty, and staff who make a difference to the university and community through their service, talent, or skills. We impact not only our awardees but also our community and learners through these awards.


      Assume Leadership Roles


      You will learn to prove your strengths as a leader and prepare for the next steps in your career with the ECCU courses. Our accredited degrees will add to your credentials and industry knowledge.

      Transfer Credits

      The EC-Council cyber security certifications within the degree program allow students to master additional skills along with their courses. Such students who complete and pass their ECCU degrees are eligible to attend the certification exams. For more information, read the Certificate Comparison sheet. In addition, EC-Council certified holders also have the option to transfer the earned credits to their degree on successful application!​

      Opt For A Flexible Payment Plan


      At EC-Council University, we understand that not everyone has the resources to pay the full payment plan in a single attempt. For this reason, our students are offered the opportunity to pay for a class as they study (in three installments). Learn more here.

      Gain Access to a Variety of Scholarship Opportunities

      Education is a major foundation of any person’s professional and personal growth. We not only recognize and help many students gain access to a chance at holding a scholarship but also recommend many national and international scholarships. Please visit the scholarships pages.