Welcome Veterans!

ECCU is transforming veterans into cyber heroes
Protect and Defend.

The problem

We are not Safe

Cyberspace: Fertile ground for attacks. NO individual or organization is safe without employees being equipped with both the right skills set and knowledge to defend and protect them.

Critical shortage: Cyber security professionals are urgently needed at all levels of organizations.

The Facts

Cyber Attacks Per Day
Vacancies Worldwide in the Cyber Workforce
Of Openings Require a Bachelor's Degree or Higher

The Opportunity

Cyber Heroes are needed across every industry

The fastest increases in demand for cybersecurity workers are in Finance (+137% over the last five years), Health Care (+121%), and Retail Trade (+89%). (Burning-glass.com)

ECCU is dedicated to equipping our veteran community to become heroes and warriors in the battle for Cyber Security.

Veterans are ideal candidates for this career field. Discipline, ethics and integrity characterize military service. This experience and
these qualities will uniquely qualify those who served to be protectors and defenders of cyber space and organizational assets.

Join fellow future cyber security leaders in studies featuring ethical hacking, forensic investigation, penetration testing, secure programming, incident handling, cyber leadership and much more.

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