Grading System

The grading system used at EC-Council is the A-F system (see definitions below). Unless otherwise stated, the University awards letter grades in recognition of academic performance in each course.

Grading SystemI - IncompleteIP - In ProgressR - RetakenW - WithdrawnAW - Administrative WithdrawalGPA CalculationAcademic RecognitionGrade AppealWithdrawal from Program or Course
Grading System:
Grade points are used to calculate grade point average (GPA).

Letter Grade

Range of Points

Grade Points

A 90.00-100.00 4
B 80.00-89.00 3
C 70.00-79.00 2
D 60.00-69.00 1
F 00.00-59.00 0

*A letter grade of D/D+ is not acceptable for a Master’s level program.

I – Incomplete:

Under some circumstances (i.e.: other than lack of effort and study), if all assignments in a course aren’t completed before its conclusion, the student may request an “Incomplete” for the course. If the instructor agrees, an “I” will be placed on the student’s transcript. The student will have 90 days to complete the work in order to remove the “I” and replace it with the assigned letter grade. The granting of the Incomplete is at the discretion of the instructor. If the work is not completed in 90 days time from when the “I” was given, the “I” will automatically become an “F”. The student has the right to appeal the instructor’s decision to the Dean.

IP – In Progress:

In Progress applies to currently enrolled courses.

R – Retaken:

A course grade of “R” is indicated on the transcript when the course grade has been superseded by a letter grade. Only the later grade will be used in computing the GPA.

W – Withdrawn:

A student may withdraw from a course by notifying the Registrar in a documented manner (mail, e-mail or Fax). If the withdrawal occurs during an active course, the student will receive a refund as per the refund schedule in the refund policy. A “W” will appear on the student’s transcript and the credits for the course will be added to the cumulative credits attempted. Refer to the published academic calendar- dates and deadlines section for dates when withdrawal is allowed.

AW – Administrative Withdrawal

Faculty members or the University staff may initiate an administrative withdrawal of a student from a course based on lack of attendance, or participation, lack of connectivity or plagiarism. Depending on when the AW occurs, the student may be eligible for a refund according to the refund schedule in the refund policy. “AW” will appear in the student’s transcript and the credits for the course will be added to the credits attempted. If the student is administratively withdrawn from the class due to plagiarism, disciplinary action will occur resulting in the student not receiving an “AW” but an “F” on the transcript and the protocol described in the Academic Honesty Policy will be employed.

  • Lack of Attendance/Participation: During the first two weeks of class, students who fail to attend class meetings or class related activities, or fail to participate without contacting the faculty member and making special arrangements may be Administratively Withdrawn from the class. The faculty member is under no obligation to allow students to make up work they have missed because they failed to attend or participate.
  • Lack of Connectivity: Students having connectivity problems or issues may be Administratively Withdrawn. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure the equipment needed to complete the requirements of the course is connected, current, functional, and utilitarian for class purposes. Faculty are not responsible for the students’ lack of connectivity and are not obligated to allow students to make up work because the student could not connect.
  • Plagiarism: Students who plagiarize their work can be withdrawn if it is found that the student knowingly and continually plagiarized his or her work.

GPA Calculation:

Grade Point Average (GPA) can be calculated by dividing the number of hours in all classes attempted in which a grade of A, B, C, D, or F have been received into the number of grade points earned in those hours. For Example:

The student has completed five classes with the following grades:
ECCU 500 B = 3 Grade Points x 3 credit hours = 9
ECCU 502 C = 2 Grade points x 3 credit hours = 6
ECCU 503 A = 4 Grade points x 3 credit hours = 12
ECCU 504 B = 3 Grade Points x 3 credit hours = 9
ECCU 505 A = 4 Grade points x 3 credit hours = 12
Total number of grade points = 48
Divided by 15 (number of hours) = 3.2 GPA

Credits: All credits awarded by EC-Council University are semester hour credits. Credits are awarded only upon successful completion of course or project requirements.

Academic Recognition:

Students will graduate with honors if they have a cumulative GPA of:

  • Cum Laude – for GPA of 3.75 – 3.84
  • Magna Cum Laude – for GPA of 3.85 – 3.94
  • Summa Cum Laude – for GPA of 3.9 and up

Grade Appeal:

A student may appeal a course grade issued by a faculty member. The appeal must be made to the faculty member from whom the grade was received, in writing and must be postmarked or mailed no later than 30 days after the student received notification of the grade. If the appeal is denied, or if the faculty member does not respond within 15 after receiving the appeal, the student may appeal directly to the Dean with an additional 15-day period. The Dean will render a final decision on the grade within 15 days after receiving the student’s appeal.

Withdrawal from Program or Course:

The student has the right to withdraw from a course or program by notifying EC-Council University in any manner at:

EC-Council University
101 C Sun Ave NE
Albuquerque, NM 87109

[email protected]

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