As part of the EC-Council Group, EC-Council University students can enjoy lots of benefits while completing their education at ECCU! One such benefit is CodeRed.

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What is CodeRed?

CodeRed is a continuous learning platform for busy cyber professionals. By subscribing to the platform, you gain access to 2,500+ high-quality cyber security videos and 40+ specially designed courses taught by over 15 leading global industry experts!

You will not only learn about the latest advancement in cyber security on CodeRed but also innovative technologies! For this reason, we have planned, designed, and organized lessons as high-quality learning videos. We believe this platform will offer seamless learning opportunities and help you stay updated on emerging technologies. Importantly, the video courses align with the latest job hiring trends across the globe.

Who can Benefit from CodeRed?

Career Starter

Fresh graduate looking to build a career in the rapidly growing cybersecurity/ethical hacking industry

Career Enhancer

Current cyber professional looking to enhance their skills and progress in their career

Career Switcher

Current working professionals looking to move into the cybersecurity industry where job vacancies are high while skill supply remains low

Seven Reasons Why You Need CodeRed

  1. Access ultra-high-quality video content.
  2. Discover new videos and courses each month.
  3. Go over Practical lab videos.
  4. Advance knowledge on the latest cybersecurity topics.
  5. Explore technology skills-oriented content to suit your needs.
  6. Evaluate what industry experts have to say.
  7. Learn anywhere, anytime.

Through the exclusive partnership with CodeRed, EC-Council University students can enjoy the CodeRed Pro subscription package at just $99 instead of $139 for the whole year.

What Will You Get?

CodeRed Pro

For a $99 $139 annual subscription you will receive :

  • The complete course library
  • Hands-on learning
  • Premier support
  • 30-day risk-free trial

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