Admission Inquiry


    Admission Inquiry

      EC-Council University is an academy of teachers and learners that places value on the qualities of critical and innovative thinking, ethical behavior, leadership, and scholarship.

      In a field as narrow and as far-reaching as cybersecurity, these values promote and advance the goal of educating cybersecurity professionals, ensuring they are prepared to manage and lead others to make the world safer and more secure.

      The educational environment grounded in these values empowers students to become critical and innovative thinkers and research-oriented problem solvers who embody high ethical standards, leadership skills, and an understanding of the global impact of their work.

      Academic Values

      Students in Information Assurance must learn to interpret information, analyze assumptions, evaluate the relevance of context, assess and analyze related data, integrate other perspectives, and identify and evaluate conclusions, implications, and consequences.

      In the ever-changing world of Information Assurance, leaders must be innovative thinkers ready to question the known, challenge the accepted, and anticipate the future.

      Because cyber security professionals are the guardians of information, it is imperative that its students adopt, embrace, and practice ethical behavior in all aspects of their work.

      Leaders in cyber security must not only be accomplished technicians, but also effective communicators, collaborators, and team builders who can work across and through organizational structures and hierarchies to achieve the determined outcome.

      Without question, the abilities to theorize, observe, study, analyze, synthesize, and apply new knowledge are imperative for the Information Assurance professional.

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