Associate Cyber Security Scholarship

Admission Inquiry

    Associate Cyber Security Scholarship

    Admission Inquiry

      New Term Starts on July 1, 2024

      Associate’s Cyber Security Scholarship

      EC Council University (ECCU) is proud to announce the funding of its Associate’s Cyber Security Scholarship. The cybersecurity scholarship is designed to provide continuing education tuition assistance to undergraduate students who have graduated from a U.S. college with an earned associate’s degree. The award will be a tuition scholarship of $2,000 to continue education in ECCU’s Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security program. This is a Bachelor’s completion program covering the 60 credit hours, from years 3 and 4 of the bachelor’s degree, where the earned associate’s degree’s 60 credits — covering years 1 and 2 from the awarding college — is built upon. The award will be dispersed on a prorated basis across the estimated academic terms/semesters of program attendance.


      Associate’s Cyber Security Scholarship

      Eligibility Criteria:

      The applicant must have an earned associate’s degree from an accredited U.S. college. Application information and admission into ECCU’s bachelor’s online cybersecurity program will further be used in the qualifying process, which will be awarded on a merit basis until cybersecurity scholarship funds are exhausted. Evidence of academic merit may be used to rank qualified applicants.


      The scholarship program applicant must meet all university admission requirements as delineated in the ECCU Catalog.

      Undergraduate (Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security):

      1. Be at least 18 years of age.
      2. Have earned an Associate’s degree from an appropriately accredited institution.
      3. Have completed a college-level English and Math course with a grade of “C” or better.

      Award Application

      Each Associate’s Cyber Security Scholarship applicant must submit a formal request letter addressing the following topics:

      1. The reason for requesting the award.
      2. Personal and professional goals.
      3. A brief personal and professional history/biography.
      4. Evidence of academic merit (Grade Point Average or other)
      5. Provide full contact information.
      6. The letter must be free of mechanical errors, grammatically correct, and appropriately formatted.

      Maintaining the Scholarship:
      In order to maintain the Associate’s Cyber Security Scholarship from term to term, the recipient must meet ECCU’s “Criteria for Maintaining Continual Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)” (GPA, course completion rate, etc.) and course attendance/participation policies as delineated in the ECCU Catalog. If the awardee does not maintain SAP, the scholarship will no longer be awarded. Once the student is no longer on Academic Probation, the student’s scholarship can be reinstated with reapplication.

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