Student ResponsibilitiesFaculty ResponsibilitiesTermination of the Student Enrollment Agreement

Student Responsibilities

Students must comply with the obligations outlined in the Student Enrollment Agreement and in accordance with any reasonable instructions issued from time to time by or on behalf of the University listed below, but not limited to:

  • Attend lectures, courses tutorials, examinations, and other activities which form the pieces of the program subject to absence for medical or other agreed reasons;
  • Submit required course work and other assignments required for the program prior to the prescribed deadlines, subject to exceptional circumstances such as illness;
  • Reach the level of academic achievement required for the program by the facility;
  • Behave appropriately within the University environment;
  • Be adequately prepared for any activity required as part of the program outside of the University, at all times conducting oneself in a proper manner;
  • Comply with any professional standards applicable to the program;
  • Abide by any special conditions relating to the program set out in the catalog or student enrollment agreement, or otherwise notified by the University;
  • Provide the registrar with an emergency contact name and details which the University may use at its discretion;
  • Notify the registrar of any changes to the information which has been submitted on the application or Student Enrollment Agreement; for example: change of address.

Faculty Responsibilities

The University faculty members will take all reasonable steps to ensure that:

  • Students have access to necessary materials and resources;
  • Students know how and when they may contact the faculty member;
  • Students are aware of all relevant academic services available to them (particularly the library and information technology services);
  • New students receive appropriate information on procedures, services, and personnel relevant to their introduction to the University and their continued studies.

Termination of the Student Enrollment Agreement

The Student Enrollment Agreement will end automatically subject to the student’s right of internal appeal, if the student’s status in the University is terminated as a result of

  • Action taken against the student in accordance with the University’s disciplinary procedures;
  • A decision of the faculty, based on the student’s academic performance;
  • Non-payment of fees, in accordance with the University’s regulation on payment of fees.

In addition, the University may end this Agreement by written notice to the student in the following circumstances:

  • If, between accepting an offer and starting the program there is a change in the student’s circumstances which, in the reasonable opinion of the University, makes it inappropriate for the student to begin the program;
  • If the University becomes aware of information about a student which was not previously known (for example: criminal convictions) which, in the reasonable opinion of the University, makes it inappropriate for the student to begin the program;
  • If, in the reasonable opinion of the University, the student has failed to provide the university with all of the relevant information, or has supplied false or misleading information, relating to his application for the program.