Tonya Boddie


Faculty Member

Tonya Boddie-Wright has over 30 years’ experience specializing in strategic
development and consulting for corporations across several industries; higher
education, banking/finance, healthcare, private, government, chemical,
manufacturing, not for profit and pharmaceutical. She has worked with many brands providing customer relationship management solutions, integrated marketing, business development, and sales process engineering. Tonya is a highly successful subject matter expert in the field of strategic management, management, marketing and sales. Tonya worked as a Program Manager, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Sales and Marketing Director, Product Manager, Sales Representative and as a Regional Business Manager and a Customer Relationship Manager. Tonya has 15 years teaching experience specializing in business, marketing and introduction to college courses and has taught undergraduate and graduate courses for several colleges and universities.

Tonya holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Organizational/ Corporate
Communications, a Master of Science in Integrated Marketing Communication
(Magna Cum Laude) and a Master of Business Administration (Magna Cum Laude).
She is currently working on her Doctorate degree in Organizational Leadership and hoping to have it completed in 2022.

Tonya is engaging, passionate and creative. She enjoys touching the heart and
moving the mind and does so by building relationships with students and
professionals. Tonya plays an active role in the community and sit on the board of Directors for Bright Star Community Outreach and the Healher2 foundation. She has a passion working with non-profit organizations that focus on global poverty, social justice, asthma education and breast cancer awareness