Master of Security Science


World Class Practitioners, World Class Challenges, World Class Education

The Master of Security Science (MSS) Program prepares Information Technology professionals to assume information security and assurance leadership roles in corporations, agencies and organizations. A curriculum rich in computer security management, IT security threat assessment, incident response, organizational management and behavior, and leadership, challenges students to become creators of knowledge, inventors of processes and leaders of others.

The program is designed by the faculty at EC-Council University, all of whom are real life information security practitioner for both newcomers to the field seeking advanced knowledge and seasoned professionals interested in either specialization or career advancement. Thirty-six credit hours are required for graduation.

Why Pursue the Masters of Security Science?

World Class Education:

You will gain world-class education, which will help you prepare for a leadership career in Information security. ECCU has a very strict policy of hiring faculty who have real world experience and these leaders will help mold you as a capable leader in this field. The MSS program as it stands today is the result of over 200 years of combined experience and tenacious work of various information security leaders and practitioners, all of whom are part of the faculty. Because each course is being taught by active professionals in the field they are instructions, they bring tremendous value added to the course with their real life experience in the field.  This gives the active students glimpse into the life and responsibilities they will face when they move into those professional positions themselves.

Network with the Best:

You will gain by networking with the best. Many students come from a variety of backgrounds, ranging from new graduates through to senior security managers in Fortune 500 companies, all of who are seeking a formal qualification to prove their calibre in the space of Information Security.

EC-Council Brand Heritage:

You will benefit immensely from ECCU’s parentage – the EC-Council Group, a world leader in information security education, certification, services, events and training. You will receive commercially relevant and up to date degree program, which will help launch you in this field. EC-Council has certified more than 140, 000 Infosec professionals in 100 countries from world class organizations like FBI, US Dept. of Defense (Pentagon) and Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft, PWC, IBM, Symantec, etc.

Career progression:

The MSS program helps you prove to your leadership that you are ready for the next step in your career. Attaining an accredited postgraduate degree from one of the finest brand names in the industry for information security.


The ECCU courses map to many of the EC-Council certifications which are required by many Fortune 500 companies. By attaining the MSS, you will be poised to be challenge these certifications without additional training.

American Degree, Local Fees:

Attain World class American degree program at fees structures that are affordable to you based on your geographic region.

Online & Flexible:

The program is completely online. As such, you can complete this program from the comfort of your own home or country. The ECCU MSS is 100% online allowing students to do course work according to their work and personal schedules. Additionally, ECCU has two distinct advantages over traditional Brick and Mortar universities. Firstly, our faculty are actively practicing their profession in the field, they can make the class come alive for the students, as well as serve as mentors for the students with new, real life examples on our Cyber Range.  The second advantage, and perhaps most important, is that you will be getting hands on education and use tools and technology that you will be using in the field.  This helps you hit the ground running and will help you become functional for any employer from day one of their employment!

2 in 1:

Great Leaders have diverse skills. This is even more true in the field of Information security. With MSS, you will combine the acquisition of both your technical and management skills at the same time.


EC-Council University Core courseware maps to Department of Homeland Security/ National Security Agency’s US Committee on National Security Standards (CNSS).


EC-Council University is accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC).  The Distance Education Accrediting Commission is listed by the U.S. Department of Education as a nationally recognized accrediting agency and is a recognized member of the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).

Excellent support:

The ECCU Student services team is always ready to assist you with any of academic needs.

Program Objectives:Course StructureAdmission Requirements:Mode of Study:Award:
Program Objectives:

Developed from a learning model based on Bloom’s Taxonomy, the Master of Security Science program educational objectives identify what students should learn, understand, and be able to do as a result of their studies with EC-Council University.

  • The application of technical strategies, tools and techniques to secure data and information for a client or customer.
  • The adherence to a high standard of ethical behavior.
  • The use of research in both established venues and innovative applications to expand the body of knowledge in information assurance.
  • The application of critical thinking to creatively and systematically solve the problems and meet the challenges of the ever-changing environments of cyber security.
  • The mastery of the skills necessary to move into leadership roles in companies, agencies, divisions and departments.
Course Structure:

The courses are presented in 12-week terms and consist of assigned readings, threaded discussions, case studies, written analysis, research projects and examinations.

Students must be prepared to spend 10-12 hours in study a week to complete the work. ECCU encourages regular and frequent student-faculty interaction via internet. Syllabi and grading rubrics clearly set out the course requirements, expectations and timelines, and students are kept abreast of their progress in the course through the MyECCU Online Learning Management System.

Admission Requirements:

Applicants for admission must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution and a TOEFL score of 550 or better, or proof of English competency.

For more information about admission requirements, please visit our Admission page.

Mode of Study:

The MSS program is offered 100% online, allowing students to complete course work in a time frame that fits each person’s individual schedule. This also requires that the student has the appropriate kinds of technology and connectivity to sustain constant participation in class activities.


The Master of Security Science degree will be awarded by EC-Council University upon successful completion of all degree requirements.

A set of core courses provides the necessary skills in Information Assurance, organizational structure and behavior, research, and writing. Areas of emphasis in management and Information Assurance allow students to choose courses that meet their individual goals, interests and career needs.


ECCU 500
Managing Secure Network Systems
MGMT 502
Business Essentials
ECCU 501
Ethical Hacking & Countermeasures
ECCU 502
Investigating Network Intrusions and Computer Forensics
ECCU 503
Security Analysis and Vulnerability Assessment
ECCU 504
Foundations of Organizational Behavior for the IT Practitioner
ECCU 505
Introduction to Research and Writing for the IT Practitioner
ECCU 506
Conducting Penetration and Security Tests
ECCU 507
Linux Networking and Security
ECCU 509
Securing Wireless Networks
ECCU 510
Secure Programming
ECCU 511
Global Business Leadership
ECCU 512
Beyond Business Continuity
ECCU 513
Disaster Recovery
ECCU 514
Quantum Leadership
ECCU 515
Project Management in IT Security
ECCU 516
The Hacker Mind: Profiling the IT Criminal
ECCU 517
Cyber Law
ECCU 518
Special Topics
ECCU 519