Why EC-Council University Is the Preferred University to Earn Your Master of Science in a Cyber Security Degree

Why EC-Council University Is the Preferred University to Earn Your Master of Science in a Cyber Security Degree

The study of cybersecurity is gaining prominence with the world facing cyber threats on a daily basis. The vulnerabilities of black-hat hacking led to a constant rise in the demand for ethical hackers in order to strengthen security and implement appropriate incident response management.[1]

To perform in the field of cybersecurity one must have a relevant degree in the given specialization. Regardless of whether you would like to become a Security Analyst, or Incident Management Handler, or even a Digital Forensic Investigator, it is important that you possess a degree in the same. A Master program in cybersecurity will bring many career prospects and can also help accelerate the growth of experienced professionals to a managerial level.

EC-Council University is an accredited institute by DEAC that offers online Master of Science in Cybersecurity with the course curriculum on par with the industry requirements. The university has many accolades to their credit due to the uniqueness of delivering the various course with real-time hands-on experience.

EC-Council University Chairman, Jay Bavisi believes that information security professionals must not only have skills and techniques, but they must be educated to step into leadership and managerial roles in their companies, agencies, and organizations. This belief led to the establishment of the Master of  Science in Cyber Security and the Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security program.[2]

Why Earn Your MSCS at ECCU

Flexible Mode of Study

Flexible learning gives you the freedom from the limitations of time, place, and pace of study. ECCU offers a Master of Science in Cyber Security as a self-paced study. The online study makes it easier for you to avail the certification by studying at your convenience. Additionally, students living in distant places can also avail the opportunity of earning a U.S. degree. They can learn from industry experts through their instructor-led sessions and can interact with them for any queries as and when required.

One Degree Many Specialized Certificates

With the growing influence of digital technology on our lifestyle, the scope of cyber threats has also widened. Cybersecurity includes a wide variety of job roles, ranging from analysts, engineers, and management. The Master’s program of ECCU encompasses various subjects related to cybersecurity.

ECCU’s Master of Science in Cybersecurity is basically concentrated on core competencies like organizational behavior and structure, research and writing. It entitles you to opt for specializations of your choice and excel in it. As an aspiring student of cybersecurity you can pick up any program that you are passionate about and pursue your career in it. Each such specialization entitles you to relevant graduate-level industry certifications too. This is the unique offering by ECCU that bundles degree and industrial certifications together. All these programs have well-defined job prospects which are derived from the NICE (National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education) Cybersecurity Workforce Framework and affiliated to them.

ECCU’s Masters Specializations are listed as follows:

  • Security Analyst
  • Enterprise Security Architect
  • Digital Forensics
  • Incident Management and Business Continuity
  • Executive Leadership in Information Assurance

Accredited by DEAC

ECCU is accredited by The Distance Education and Accrediting Commission (DEAC), listed by the U.S. Department of Education as a recognized accrediting agency.

The Distance Education Accrediting Commission is recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).

ECCU is also approved by NC-SARA, who forms a voluntary agreement among its members and US territories to offer post-secondary distance education and programs online to make it easier for students from other states.

Transfer of Credits

As a prospective ECCU student, you can request for credits for any previous industry certifications that you have availed earlier. The credits will be awarded based on your demonstrated knowledge gained from previous industry certifications. You can get in touch through an email to [email protected] to find out about your eligibility on the credits and the process to avail of them.

Industry Experts as Faculty

ECCU’s onboard faculty are not just trainers but also hold industry certifications in cybersecurity and other related subjects. They are practicing information security professionals who have real-time experience in dealing with cyber threats, hacking, digital forensics, incident management, penetration testing, etc. They are well recognized in the industry and with their hands-on experience, they are successful mentors to upcoming cyber professionals.

Hands-on Learning

EC-Council University provides live virtual exercises via iLabs (ECCU’s virtual lab platform) on various subjects of information security like ethical hacking, secure programming, incident handling, computer forensics, etc. This mode of virtual education enables the students to understand the complexity that may arise in the real-time situation and the timely action of an information security professional to initiate and implement the recovery measures.

ECCU iLabs provide a hands-on learning experience to the real world tools and situations that boost their knowledge and skills and builds the confidence to perform wisely when settled in their career.


ECCU aims to deliver quality training on cybersecurity with the exposure to real-time experience at an affordable course fee. The course fee, as charged by EC-Council University, is based on credit hours and has been done intentionally to provide a flexible mode of payment to the prospective candidates.

Master of Science in Cyber Security is not just a degree in the hands of the students, it empowers students with up to four industry-recognized certifications that form part of the MSCS. This makes the overall learning more desirable at ECCU than another university.

For more details, visit the website: https://www.eccu.edu/


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