Vijay Srinivasan

I have successfully passed the interview and got selected for the Senior Security Analyst Role for a large Internet Service-provider in U.S. I will be traveling to New Jersey by the first week of May [2015]. This has been the happiest moment of my career this year.

The interview was tough and I was well aware of this since many of my senior colleagues had failed. I reviewed my course works on ECCU 507: Linux Networking and Security taught by Prof. Arnold and am lucky to be in Prof. Blaine’s ECCU 503: Security Analysis & Vulnerability Assessment, at the right time. These learnings have provided me the confidence and the critical knowledge required for this profile.

I am very grateful to the Professors and to the University for helping me strengthen my foundation in Security. I participated in the last month’s webinar hosted by Dr. Goldner and got to know the importance of MSCS program from the Cyber-Security Industry perspective. Today I have practically experienced its importance and [the] influence [it has had] on my career.

I particularly want to highlight the motivation, challenges, and inspiration provided by our Professors which are truly INVALUABLE. I recently had tough situations in my personal life during the course time, but still I was very much motivated and supported by the Professors to overcome them.

I sincerely thank Prof. Arnold, Prof. Blaine and EC-Council University for giving me a bright future.