User Awareness: The Big Security Challenge, today!

Name: Sergio Pohlmann, VP of GTISUL
Topic: The big security challenge, today!
Date of Webinar: 7th September
Time and Location: 10am BRT/1 pm GMT/6:30pm IST

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Speaker Bio: Sergio Pohlmann is a Computer Engineer, Experienced in the IT area since the 80’s. He was a security consultant to various banks and business, and the principal teacher of multiple disciplines of the National University in Paraguay, where he lived for seventeen years. In the year 2016 he returned to Brazil, his country.

Now he is a VP of GTISUL, an important group of IT managers and the CISO of a local electrical industry.
As a Security Professional, he is a certificated C|CISO, CEH, CISSP and ISO27000.

Topic Abstract: He is speaking about, User Awareness: The big security challenge, today! Every day we find news and about one or more information security flaws. A personnel information or a business data lost or stolen, virus, malwares, hackers, etc. Day after day, the Information Security professionals need to be more proactive and efficient.

Even when this is the reality for most of us, a number of organizations are not considering the value of employees (and human resource in general) being aware in terms of information security.

This webinar is meant to wake up the security professionals, and to remember them, that the most efficient firewall are users with security awareness; and that even the most advanced electronic device, with the latest generation technologies, is nothing before a combination of a threat and a user without security knowledge. We will understand the threats and determine how we can proceed in order to mitigate them.

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