The Cyber Security Talent Acquisition Question of the Year

The Cyber Security Talent Acquisition Question of the Year

The international insurance company Lloyd’s estimates that cyber-attacks will cost companies $400 billion a year. There is a belief among some leaders of industry that cybercrime is so sophisticated that it is almost impossible to prevent. If this is true, why are new security technologies, products, and techniques developed every year? Why are educated cyber security professionals so desperately sought after for the many cyber security job vacancies all over the world?

Instead of giving up and accepting the inevitable, companies have actually shifted their strategy for protecting their assets. Historically, it was common to outsource data and information protection and there are many companies who do a fantastic job with these contracts. However, the need for having in-house experts is rapidly increasing. This trend is reflected in the number of cyber security jobs companies are advertising. Also, while companies can encourage their own staff to get training and certifications, it makes sense to hire new staff with the required expertise and training.

Some skills organizations are looking for in a cyber security professional include the ability to customize asset protection and secure third-party communication. These kinds of information security skills used to be so specialized that they were typically outsourced to niche security companies. One reason these skills were considered rare is because how rapidly the threat landscape changes. However, by making threat intelligence part of the responsibilities of the cyber security team and giving them the tools to keep abreast of trends (such as continued training, support to attend conferences, etc.), companies get a clearer, more specific to their industry view of the threat landscape.

The great news for cyber security jobseekers is that there are lots of avenues to pursue as a career path. Some will work for consulting companies to protect and defend the assets of their clients while others will work for companies and build strategies to protect assets in-house. One thing is for sure: a degree in cyber security is crucial to help candidates stand out from their competitors. By taking time to invest in a degree, applicants are showing they have a thorough understanding of the theory and practice of the field of cyber security. In many cases, a degree is essential for advancement. EC-Council University embeds cyber security certifications within the courses in our degree programs so students are on the cutting edge of both theory and practice. ECCU graduates stand out because they have hands-on experience and a degree. This better prepares them for getting into not only a cyber security job, but into a career path in the cyber security field.