Nickie Rafferty

Nickie Rafferty is an Honor Roll student that graduated from Bataan Military Academy High School. She ran her father’s landscaping business for 4 years. She was posted as an assistant instructor for Master at Arms for 2 years where she educated students about law enforcement. She has also completed Brightwood college to become an Associate […]


Lisa “Elle” Ligon, MS

Elle is a graduate of Boston University with a Masters’ in Business Continuity Security and Risk Management. She has worked in the field of Information Technology for a several years which comprised of following roles: Data Analyst, Helpdesk Support, Systems Administrator, Network Administrator, Deputy Security Officer, Information Technology Manager, Project Manager, Trainer, etc. She believes […]


Elizabeth Bivens

Ms Bivens has worked as an Educational Assistance at Albuquerque School of Excellence, where she was assisting students at computer laboratory. She has also worked as a Bookkeeper and Administrative Assistant at FARMSUSDEV Inc., Philippines for 2 years.


John Hilger

John Hilger comes to EC-Council University with over 7 years of experience in higher education. Counselling students in finance, enrolment, and military benefits. Prior to moving over to higher education, John has over 15 years of experience in the technology field.


David Valdez

David Valdez has served primarily as a technical support and education expert for all staff, faculty, and students related to cybersecurity in a higher education learning environment. He conducts cybersecurity surveys and provides professional upgrade recommendations to the learning management systems for EC-Council University. He also serves as an Information Technology in a control Virtual […]


Dr Charline F Nixon

Dr. Nixon comes to the University with many years of experience in Cyber Security. She holds numerous degrees including Doctorates in both Management and Philosophy, as well as Masters in both Cyber Security and Business Administration. Dr. Nixon holds numerous certifications both from EC-Council, CompTIA, SANS, PATC, Microsoft and others. She currently hold the following […]


David Oxenhandler

David Oxenhandler is a Management Consultant serving numerous institutions of higher education as well as representing accreditation bodies and states agencies. He is currently serving on the Board of EC-Council University and as a Commissioner and Chair on the board of the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC). He has served as an evaluator with DEAC […]


Lata Bavisi

Over a span of 20 years, Lata Bavisi has had a very exciting career with experiences in different industries across the globe. As a trained attorney, she has been able to help steer many of these organizations. These roles manifested into leadership positions which benefited the organizations greatly as she played a pivotal role to […]