Adjunct Faculty

Elle is a graduate of Boston University with a Masters’ in Business Continuity, Security, and Risk Management. She has worked in the field of Information Technology for several years which comprised of the following roles: Data Analyst, Helpdesk Support, Systems Administrator, Network Administrator, Deputy Security Officer, Information Technology Manager, Project Manager, Trainer, and various roles. She believes in passing on information through experience and strives for educational advancement for each student to become empowered with tools to improve upon career opportunities.

Her teaching philosophy and strategy include the following:

  • Empowerment for success from a learning coach…
  • Communicate expectations and remember one’s audience;
  • Listen to the students to understand their needs for academic stability {note: each student learns at different levels};
  • For analyzing comprehension of information, use examples to associate critical points of reference;
  • Provide a roadmap for learning by providing ease of action techniques {e.g. provide specific instructions and/or directions for assignment expectations};
  • Own the elements of confidence when teaching students; provide a level of integrity which motivates active listening skills and accountability;
  • Have a passion for making a difference for lifelong learning for self and development of student awareness;
  • Maintain the cycle of proactive controls in teaching by being the vessel for making a change in educational development;
  • Treat learning as encouraging the facilitation of individualistic homeopathic pathways that removes the barriers to knowledge;

The key to learning is ensuring that collaboration, innovation, and educational success are paired in the academic arena. Learning is an exploration of the mind, sharing knowledge and power for the advancement of educational enhancement.