Solving the Ransomware Cyber Attack Epidemic

Solving the Ransomware Cyber Attack Epidemic

A recent report on CIO Dive written by Justine Brown (2016) states: “Ransomware is now the most prolific cyber threat of 2016. Security experts identified 14% more new ransomware malware modifications between January and March this year compared to the same period last year.”

In another recent CIO Dive article, “University Pays $16K to Unlock Data Held Hostage by Ransomware” Brown (2016), Brown reports that numerous organizations across all industries are finding that the easy way to respond to a ransomware attack is to pay hackers what they demand. They have no other resources from which to obtain the encryption key in order to get their systems back online. Considering that there are over one million cyber security jobs in a rapidly growing market, thoughts immediately turn to preparation.

Did you know that EC-Council University embeds certification preparation right into our courses? In many cases, students can save money by not only preparing for the certification, but also earning college or graduate credit at the same time. Talk about a win-win! This is an excellent way to prepare for the cyber security jobs market and a great career.

Sadly, many companies are not properly staffed, nor are they prepared for ransomware or any other cyber-attacks. Most give in to the demands of those who gain control of their systems. Consider the title of the article above. I doubt that many universities have thought about having cyber security professionals in their IT departments. Think about all the personal data stored just within institutions of higher learning and what could happen if it fell into the hands of criminals! Without cyber security professionals on the job, this is virtually certain to happen.

The great news is that a degree from EC-Council University prepares students to become invaluable resources to a multitude of organizations. Earning a degree with EC-Council University will empower graduates to become engaged problem solvers with a keen understanding of the entire scope of cyber security and asset protection, leading to great jobs and careers in cybersecurity.

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