EC-Council University (ECCU), in partnership with New Mexico Workforce Connection has launched a new first-class assisted cybersecurity training and certification program created specifically for residents of New Mexico. A global leader in security education, ECCU offers Graduate Certificate Programs in high-demand fields, including: 

  1. Security Analysis
  2. Information Security
  3. Digital Forensics
  4. Enterprise Security Architecture

ECCU is a U.S.-based Accredited online university offering an array of industry-leading cybersecurity programs. Online security degrees include Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity (BSCS) and Masters of Science in Cybersecurity (BSCS), as well as multiple top-notch Graduate Certificate Programs for students looking for specialized or more streamlined cybersecurity certification.

Why a career in cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is both a fast growing and lucrative field.

  • There will be more than 3.5 million job vacancies in the cybersecurity industry by 2021. – Cybersecurity Ventures
  • The average salary of a cybersecurity professional with a Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity is $70,000. 
  • The average salary of a cybersecurity professional with a Master of Science in Cybersecurity is $85,000.
  • The average salary of a cybersecurity professional with a Graduate Certificate Program is $68,000 according to PayScale. 

Why get your degree or certification with ECCU?

The benefits of studying with ECCU:

Study anytime, anywhere – 100% online program

Learn from the industry’s best with a wide range of professional instructors

Gain access to cutting-edge cyber labs

Get your job-ready degree from U.S.-based accredited university

Pay as you study – flexible payment options

Gain access to a variety of scholarship opportunities

Transfer previous college credits to a new degree or certification

New Mexico Workforce Connection Criteria

All dislocated workers applying to the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) must fulfill the criteria given by the office and submit qualifying documents as proof. For more information, candidates can contact the New Mexico Workforce Connection office.  

How to apply for New Mexico Workforce Connection

01New Mexico Workforce Connection Registration– Complete Profile including resume at


02 – Attend WIOA Orientation – Offered Every Monday – 2:30 – 4:30 PM


03LMI Workshop – Every Wednesday at 8:30 am Complete Work keys (further assessments may be required).


04 – Attend scheduled Career Planning Session – Every Friday starting at 8:30 am


05 – Attend your scheduled follow up appointment with all necessary documents

Documents Required for All New Mexico Workforce Connection Applicants

  • Updated Profile and Current Resume on website
  • Picture ID reflecting Date of Birth (State Driver’s License or State ID)
  • Original Social Security Card
  • Proof of Citizenship or Legal Right to Work (e.g., Social Security Card with Driver’s License or State ID, original birth certificate, passport, permanent residency card, certificate of naturalization)
  • Work Keys Assessment (further assessments may be required) Applied Mathematics, Workplace Documents
  • Proof of Selective Service Registration (males born after January 1, 1960) Website:
  • DD214, if a Veteran
  • Completed Labor Market Information Packet **STEP 2** Job Growth Projection Report, O-Net Report, Occupation Worksheet, Employment Worksheet, Training Research Worksheet, Approved Program Summary, Job Search Log

WIOA Stipulations 

  1. There is a maximum limit of $9,000.00 or 104 training weeks, whichever comes first for our Training Services. Services are subject to funding availability at time of application. 
  2. A potential participant must be interested in a high demand occupation that has a job growth rate of at least 8.8% or has a total average of 17 or more job openings in the Central Region of New Mexico.  
  3. All training providers and programs must be WIOA approved from the Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL) found on the New Mexico Workforce Connection website 
  4. Training must be considered full-time and is limited to training programs that lead to employment and not to further training.  
  5. WIOA will only fund (CNM) programs that require “coordinated entry” after acceptance into that specific program has been confirmed. Pre-requisite courses and courses outside of a specific program requirement may not be funded through WIOA 

How to Get Started with the EC-Council University Program with New Mexico Workforce Connection

Interested candidates can begin the process by joining New Mexico Workforce Connection

  1. New Mexico Workforce Connection:  Learn More
  2. Career Solutions: Learn More
  3. Contact Information for New Mexico Workforce Connection  

Patricia Georges
Central Region Supervisor
New Mexico Workforce Connection
WIOA Supervisor Central New Mexico
501 Mountain Rd NE
Albuquerque, N.M. 87102
Telephone:  505-843-1916
Email: [email protected]

After contacting Workforce Connection, please start the
enrolment process with EC-Council University:

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for unemployment in New Mexico?

  • People who wish to apply for unemployment in New Mexico may file a new claim with New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions. You may either file online through the Unemployment Insurance Tax & Claims system. Or simply call 1-877-664-6984 to file by phone. 

What is the maximum unemployment benefit in New Mexico?

  • In New Mexico, unemployment benefits are 53.5% of a person’s average weekly wage during the highest-paid quarter of the base period. Individuals are subject to a minimum weekly benefit of $81 and a maximum weekly benefit of $433 as of 2018. A person can receive benefits for a maximum of 26 weeks. For more information regarding unemployment in the wake of Covid-19, please visit the New Mexico Workforce Solutions web site.

How long do you have to work to get unemployment benefit in New Mexico?

  • According to the state of New Mexico, in order to qualify for unemployment, you must earn an highest quarter wage (HQW) of at least $1,822.43 for a minimum of two quarters. 

Do I have to claim unemployment every week?

  • Yes. In New Mexico, unemployment benefits are provided weekly and therefore claims must be filed on a weekly basis. If you live in a state other than New Mexico, please check with your state’s unemployment web site for information specific to your location.