Maintaining Operational Security in Today’s Ever-Changing Landscape

Title: Maintaining Operational Security in Today’s Ever-Changing Landscape
Instructor: Dr. Michael Goldner

Description: Our Cyber world is constantly evolving and becoming more challenging almost on a daily basis. So if your Network and operating systems are secure one week, they might not be the next. Thus, we have the concept of Operational Security (OpSec) which is a combination of multiple domains principles, yet applied on a constant basis. Operational Security applies to everything that affects your network, computers and operation systems, applications and everything else that keeps you systems functional and operating. It encompasses people, equipment, policies and planning to confirm that all have proper and necessary access to the data needed to preform, as well as monitoring and auditing this environment to make sure that every thing is functioning “according to Hoyle”. This workshop will focus on those concepts, knowledge and practices that will allow you, as a Cyber Security Professional to maintain OpSec as one of your assigned duties.

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