Industrial IoT Platforms: Understanding Cybersecurity challenges

Industrial IoT Platforms: Understanding Cybersecurity challenges

Name: Amol Kodag, Engineering Leader, Head of Software, Connectivity and IoT CoE at Eaton India Innovation Center
Topic: Industrial IoT Platforms: Understanding Cybersecurity challenges
Date of Webinar: 9th January, 2019
Time and Location: 6:30PM IST/1PM GMT/ 9PM SGT

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Speaker Bio: Amol Kodag is an Engineering and Technology Leader at Eaton Corporation and heads the ‘Center for Connectivity and IoT platforms’ organization. He has over 15 years of strong industry experience in software, engineering, information and communication technology and in building innovative platforms and products. He is responsible for driving the development of global technology platforms for Industrial IoT and Connected Intelligent solutions.

Topic Abstract: As the dust starts to settle after the Internet of Things (IoT) erupted globally, a few years ago, we can now see specific patterns of its development. Although the IoT market ecosystem is becoming extremely sophisticated, at its root, it works by the basic B2B2C formula. Market pressure to rapidly develop IoT-enabled solutions have created a need for IoT platforms—especially for companies pursuing industrial-grade IoT capabilities. Therefore, it is of critical importance for these companies to understand the key cybersecurity challenges involved in building robust and secure platforms and in turn IoT solutions and services.