How comfortable are you with the online mode of study? If anyone would have asked you this question a couple of years ago, you would definitely turn down the opportunity out of fear of being cheated. However, now while scanning for the best bachelors or masters programs, we often look for universities offering online education, with great accreditations, faculty, student support, and much more. Now, what made you shift your preferred mode of study from traditional campus to e-learning process?

The current challenges of inconvenience in traveling, higher tuition fee, lack of superior faculty, full-time employment, etc. has made the online education a preferred mode of study. Online learning is continuously evolving and universities are making their best attempts to improvise the process of study. Online training providers are always looking to introduce a certain form of control on the self-paced study process to bring the sense of seriousness among students so that they complete the course within a specific timeframe and begin exploring the job opportunities.

Benefits of E-learning

Saves Time and money The foremost benefit of e-learning is that it saves your time and money on commuting to the institute or place of learning regularly.
Access to Updated Content E-learning ensures that the content is synchronized with the latest technologies and experiments. In order to compete with global standards, the training providers keep their content updated with industry knowledge.
Assures the Best Training The prime benefit of opting for e-learning is that it gives you an option to select trainers at the global level. Even training platforms hire industry-recognized faculty to ensure quality education.
International Training and Certification E-learning will help you obtain a foreign degree without actually having to travel to the international university. You can gain the experience of learning from a recognized foreign university, while the international certification provides better career opportunities.


Why Opt for ECCU’s Online Cybersecurity Program

1. ECCU Leverages a Global Career

EC-Council University offers online degree programs at bachelor and master levels in the cybersecurity domain, as well as graduate certificate programs. This e-learning process is imbibed to encourage aspiring students from different parts of the world to propel their career in the upcoming cybersecurity industry.

The cybersecurity watchdog, Cyberseek has predicted the rise of more than 3 million cybersecurity jobs in the U.S. in the year 2018. [2] Besides which, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicted a steep rise in cybersecurity positions which could be up to 28 percent between 2016 and 2026. [3]

The rising requirement of cybersecurity professionals is not just in the U.S. but is worldwide. Hence, earning a degree in cybersecurity will help you leverage a career worldwide. When it comes to studying cybersecurity, ECCU is your place to be as it is our motto to help create cyber leaders of tomorrow.

2. ECCU is Completely Online

EC-Council delivers an online mode of study for all its courses where the course duration, module curriculum, and the time-frame for every program is pre-defined. The courses are designed in a way that the university can track each student’s progress, ensuring students continue to work toward earning their degrees