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      • Budget: Describe the process you have used when adjusting to a significant budget cut.
      • Accreditation: In preparing for an accreditation visit, how did you engage other staff to make sure that your department/division met educational standards in preparing the report?
      • Cyber security: We are a university specializing in cyber security degrees. How will you make sure that the university curriculum is always in the forefront?
      • International: ECCU is a global, on-line university. Describe your experience working with international students. In an on-line environment, how will you ensure that international students are appropriately prepared for the challenges of successfully completing the Bachelor and/or Master’s degree?
      • Start-up: Describe the challenges of a start-up university and how you will meet them as the dean of ECCU. Address recruitment, curriculum, faculty, and entrepreneurial activities (ie. Supporting a profitable business).
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