Cybersecurity: A Promising Career Path

Many veterans, career changers, and people looking to start their careers have the same questions—What is next for me? How do I find a career with job satisfaction? Now is a fantastic time to investigate opportunities in the cybersecurity field. The time is ripe to hone your skills to protect and defend organizational assets by securing information.

According to the Cybersecurity Market by Solution and Service, the cybersecurity market size is expected to grow to nearly $232 billion by the year 2022, while a report from Cybersecurity Ventures estimated that there will be approximately 3.5 million unfulfilled cybersecurity jobs by 2021.

This urgent requirement for cybersecurity professionals means that there will be a greater demand for trained professionals and experienced leaders.

Begin Your Career in Cybersecurity

Professional certification training programs are easily available in this emerging field. So, how can candidates with the same training and experience stand out?

A Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity not only shows an advanced education, but it also validates that one has been exposed to the theory and practice required to excel in the field. This could be the factor that makes a candidate stand out of the crowd and that makes getting a degree well worth the time.

I’m already in the Industry – do I need a degree?

People already in the cybersecurity field have found that the best way to advance in their careers is to earn a degree in cybersecurity. Earning a full degree, as opposed to another certification, assures employees that you are skilled in communication and business acumen on top of your work experience. A degree adds credibility and is evidence that the graduate invested time and money to broaden their knowledge base beyond certification and experience, making it a favorable factor to pursue a degree in cybersecurity.

For Professionals with 5 Years of Work Experience:

“Where do you see yourself five years from now?”

Setting a career goal is always a positive approach. However, finding a way to achieve a positive outcome can be quite difficult. While a certificate can help you specialize in certain areas and the experience gained in the field is irreplaceable, obtaining a Bachelor’s degree will also help you attain knowledge of other areas, making you more well-rounded – and more promotable.

For Professionals with 10 Years of Work Experience:

With over 10 years of experience, it is quite possible that you are at a managerial level and now looking for a C-Level position. A Master’s degree in cybersecurity might be the solution you are looking for by helping you master the skills necessary to move into higher leadership roles.

For Professionals with 20+ Years of Work Experience:

Congrats! You are probably already in a C-Level position! However, keep in mind that growing intellectually is just as important as growing professionally. In order to retain that position, or perhaps, even branch out into your own business, it’s important not to stagnate.

A Master of Science in Cybersecurity will teach you to apply critical thinking to creatively and systematically solve the problems and meet the challenges of the ever-changing environments of cybersecurity.

What Next?

EC-Council University offers online cybersecurity degree programs that will help you advance in your profession and intellect. One does not have to be versed in IT or cybersecurity to apply for these degree programs. ECCU provides students with knowledge, practical experience, and to advance to specialized certifications, making it the perfect place to prepare for a career in cybersecurity or to advance in your profession to leadership roles and to keep growing intellectually.