ECCU 513: Disaster Recovery

According to the Boston Computing Network’s Data Loss Statistics “60% of companies that lose their data will shut down within 6 months of the disaster” According to CloudBackup’s Facts about Data Loss: “About 70% of business people have experienced (or will experience) data loss due to accidental deletion, disk or system failure, viruses, fire or some other disaster (Source: Carbonite, an online backup service) This is the Hands on experience that makes up theother half of that all important piece of our puzzle

Purpose of Class:

This course is designed to provide fundamental skills needed to understand the methods in identifying vulnerabilities and taking appropriate countermeasures to prevent and mitigate failure or risks for an organization. It also provides the networking professional with a foundation in disaster recovery principles, including preparation of a disaster recovery plan, assessment of risks in the enterprise, development of policies, procedures, understanding of the roles and relationships of various members of an organization, implementation of the plan, disaster recovery and virtualization techniques. This course takes an enterprise-wide approach to develop a disaster recovery plan. Students will learn how to create a secure network by putting policies and procedures in place, and how to restore a network in the event of a disaster. Students are also exposed to various virtualization tools and techniques that form an important part while charting the disaster recovery solution.

Course Learning Outcomes:

Students who successfully complete this class will be able to:

  1. Identify the various types of disasters, analyze its consequences and effects on organization
  2. Evaluate the need for disaster recovery and identify the phases involved in the process of recovery
  3. Prepare and implement business continuity plan to ensure the protection of organizational assets and business operations
  4. Assess business risks, frame risk management policies, identify risk management team, and implement solutions to mitigate risks and protect business networks in the event of a disaster
  5. Analyze the issues related to information system security; examine the security mechanism for data backup, role of certification and accreditation authority in securing information systems; and identify the technology or services required to recover the data
  6. Categorize laws, acts and legal issues related to disaster recovery that are applicable in various countries and analyze their impact.
  7. Evaluate various virtualization platforms, assess their roles in disaster recovery, and implement these platforms for optimized resource utilization and availability.

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