ECCU 500: Managing Secure Network Systems

To be able to complete the Puzzle, you must understand the structure and language of all the components that make up the network and information you are protecting. Just like a fortress, you must know where all the tunnels, gates and secret passages are. Here, you will learn to understand how to navigate and protect that structure and all that is within it.

Purpose of Class:

This class is designed to provide the fundamental skills needed to analyze the internal and external security threats against a network, and to implement security mechanisms to protect an organization’s information. The course helps to evaluate network and Internet security issues and provides security solutions such as the designing a security policy, troubleshooting networks, and digital signatures.

Course Learning Outcomes:

Students who successfully complete this class will be able to:

  1. Identify fundamental networking concepts, analyze networking protocols and implement established standards to design a robust networking infrastructure
  2. Assess potential vulnerabilities and threats to network infrastructure, predict the implication of network security breaches and analyze the available countermeasures
  3. Examine different network security mechanisms, analyze available security controls and develop strategies to implement and configure these controls
  4. Determine the role of network security policies, and develop comprehensive policies that help in protecting network infrastructure
  5. Explain the workings of various networking devices, and develop strategies for secure configuration of these devices
  6. Identify security issues with operating systems and network-based applications, analyze the common vulnerabilities and implement best practices to harden networks
  7. Analyze cryptography algorithms and encryption techniques, and design implementation strategies for privacy and security of information
  8. Compare and contrast various network security tools, and make decisions to deploy proper security tools based on evidence, information, and research
  9. Evaluate physical security mechanisms, examine the issues and recommend the countermeasures to safeguard the network infrastructure
  10. Know what the impact of an incident on the network will be and develop policies, processes and guidelines for incident handling and disaster recovery

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