Contemporary Cybersecurity Threats

Contemporary Cybersecurity Threats

Name: Mamdoh Alzrani, VP, Cybersecurity Intelligence
Topic: Contemporary Cybersecurity Threats
Date of Webinar: 25th October 2018
Time and Location: 7pm KSA/ 9:30pm IST/ 4:00pm GMT

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Speaker Bio: Mamdoh Alzarani has about 10 years of experience in the field of information security, 8 of which were dedicated to the financial sector. His current role ranges from cyber threat Intelligence, incident response, and continuous security monitoring.

Topic Abstract: Modern cybersecurity is a complex topic due to a simple fact that many items collaborate to contribute to the success of a cyber-attack. This talk will be covering the era of APT and the emerging science of cyber threat intelligence including the ways to augment CTI in businesses.