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How Critical Is Incident Response Management to Any Business

With growing cyberattack incidents, the question for any large, well-funded, and technically advanced enterprise is not “if” but “when”. Incident response management is critical for any organization and is the last line of defense. Detecting the impact and efficiently responding to the impact requires a great level of technical skills. 2018: Thales Data Threat Report…

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EC-Council University Honors Award Winners and Graduates of 2018 for Their Distinguished Academic Performance

EC-Council University honored graduates and award winners at their annual awards ceremony on the eve of the 14th iteration of their yearly international event, Hacker Halted, in Atlanta, GA on 12th September 2018. The red-carpet event of EC-Council witnessed cybersecurity professionals, leaders, entrepreneurs, aspiring students, as well as enthusiastic guests from all different parts of…

MBA in Cybersecurity

Sabi University collaborates with EC-Council University to offer Dual Degree Masters and Doctoral Programs in Business and Cybersecurity

Forerunners in online education, EC-Council University (ECCU) and Sabi University (SU) recently announced their association to create customized, fast-track, credit based dual-degree programs. These degree programs would be an exceptional asset to professionals looking to learn the finesse of a global management program and the intricacies of a highly technical subject such as Cybersecurity. All…


Public Notice

Important Notice to Members of the Public Reference: Investigation by National University Commission (NUC) Regarding Operation of Illegal Universities in Nigeria Albuquerque, New Mexico City, June 1, 2018 – We refer to the publication dated May 28, 2018 by NUC regarding the closure of various illegal Universities in Nigeria that were carrying out programs without…

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5 Ways Online Classes Are Better Than Classroom Training

It is predicted that by 2019, over 50% of all classes will be virtually conducted.[1] While many educational institutions understand the significance of this trend and are staying up-to-date with the times, there are still many that have not given their students the opportunity to experience the ease of attending an online class. As more…


Follow these Top Cybersecurity Professors on Twitter

Cybersecurity professors can have a range of expertise, from architecture, maintenance, and administration to forensic investigation of secure networked systems, a type of infrastructure (with a corresponding set of policies) increasingly necessary for safe operation of governments, businesses, nonprofits and educational institutions of all sizes.