5 Critical Aspects of Cyber Forensics That Could Make or Break Your Career

Technology advancements have led to over half of the world’s population relying on computers and other devices in their day-to-day life, from managing finances to international communication. Unfortunately, technology has evolved into a double edge sword, initiating a new platform for crime: cybercrime. Digital cyber criminals can be quite hard to incriminate without sufficient evidence. […]

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4 Popular Misconceptions About Penetration Testing – Bent and Broken!

Penetration testers are often asked questions like, “Is penetration testing enough to secure my personal and sensitive data?” when, in fact, penetration testing is a part of a full risk assessment that involves analyzing one’s own systems for vulnerabilities before cyber-criminals do and exploiting them to fully comprehend the extent of damage a breach could […]


Data Protectors Needed!

A South Korean web hosting service paid the largest ransomware demand ever in 2017, amounting to an astounding $1 million.  A recent report by Quick Heal shows a 300% spike in ransomware attacks in 2017, with even more expected in 2018. Another report by Telstra showed that 60% of Australian organizations have experienced at least […]


Cybersecurity: A Promising Career Path

Many veterans, career changers, and people looking to start their careers have the same questions—What is next for me? How do I find a career with job satisfaction? Now is a fantastic time to investigate opportunities in the cybersecurity field. The time is ripe to hone your skills to protect and defend organizational assets by securing information. […]


Cybersecurity Doing It Yourself or Outsourcing: Which Makes More Sense?

In the past, security policies and plans for most organizations were centered around disaster recovery and not proactive measures, but that is no longer the case. As the threat landscape grew more complex and the information security industry matured, the need for intricate, entity-wide data protection programs grew. In the past, companies didn’t have the […]


Cybersecurity Career Options: I Graduated. Now What?

From ethical hackers and penetration testers who scan, hack, and exploit systems to assess vulnerabilities to computer forensic analysts who uncover digital evidence to assist law enforcement in solving cases, the cybersecurity industry is full of job opportunities. The industry itself has advanced from being important just to government organizations to being a necessity to […]