ECCU 515: Project Management in IT Security

puzzle13Whether you are planning to build a deck in your back yard or planning a vacation, and whether you know it or not you are using Project Management principles. These principles have rapidly been integrated into the entire network and security system management process, and a complete understanding of the concepts and procedures becomes a critical piece of our puzzle.

Purpose of Class:
This class is designed to provide students with the knowledge of how to manage IT security projects in order to enhance the success rate for both organizations as well as IT managers. It acts as an operational framework for users who design their own IT security project plan. The goal of PMITS is to help the students implement their IT project management skills by providing a roadmap for implementing the IT security in their organizations. It standardizes the knowledge base for business professionals by incorporating the best practices and legal standards related to corporate IT security.

Course Learning Outcomes:

  1. Illustrate the factors that influence the success of the project, define and explain how to create a IT security project plan
  2. Identify the requirements of the IT infrastructure, and compare and contrast the role of IT security project team and Incident Response team
  3. Examine various project parameters and processes, and recommend how to integrate them into the IT security project
  4. Explain the General IT security project plan, and assess the risk factors associated with it
  5. Evaluate the WBS, explain risk management, summarize the incident response and disaster recovery processes, and formulate risk mitigation strategies
  6. Design a IT security project plan, organize the processes, predict risks, and illustrate the role of Change Management
  7. Examine how auditing and documentation processes help in managing the IT security project
  8. Test the quality of the project, evaluate the factors involved in closing the project and demonstrate how legal standards affect the security strategy

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