ECCU 504: Foundations to Organizational Behavior for the Technological Practitioner

puzzle5As a technology practitioner, have you ever considered how what you do impacts everyone else in your organization? Whether you have or haven’t, it is important to discover the hidden issues driving organization behavior in order to complete this piece of the puzzle. To communications of the security needs of the organization, understanding the structure and behavior of the organization is the only path to success.

Purpose of Class:
This foundation course deals with organizational behavior and allows the technology practitioner to experience the basic facets of organizational theory and defining requisite skills. This course walks the technology practitioner through who he/she is as an individual worker, how they fit into an organizational process, define organizational structure, articulate elements of effective communication, team building/leading, ethics, and project management as seen through the organizational lens. The final component allows the practitioner to work through a case study and design the organizational structure and the behavioral consequences the characters of the study display. The main goal being that from the case study the student can clearly see how the characters behaviors impinge upon the structure in a variety of ways.

Course Learning Outcomes:

Students who successfully complete this class will be able to:

  1. Apply technical strategies, tools and techniques to secure data and information for a customer or client.
  2. Adherence to a high standard of ethical behavior
  3. Use research in both established venues and innovative applications to expand the body of knowledge in information assurance
  4. Apply principles of critical thinking to creatively and systematically solve the problems and meet the challenges of the ever-changing environments of cyber security
  5. Master the skills necessary to move into leadership roles in companies, agencies, divisions, or departments

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