IT Analyst


As every IT security analyst knows, communication is everything. The ability to write effective reports, relay information to stakeholders and successfully negotiate in the boardroom is often as important as leading the initial assessment. This certificate focuses on building the skills to complete a comprehensive penetration test using EC-Council’s penetration test methodologies, and builds writing skills to ensure clear and effective communication of the test results and organizational ramifications to non-technical persons. Upon completion of this certificate, the student will possess the ability to conduct a comprehensive penetration test and fully document and report the findings to executives in a concise and understandable way.

PrerequisitesRequired CoursesProgram Mappings

EC-Council University Graduate Certificate Information Security Professional

Required Courses:

  • ECCU 505 Introduction to Research and Writing for the IT Practitioner
  • ECCU 506 Conducting Penetration and Security Tests
  • ECCU 513 Disaster Recovery
Program Mappings:

The EC-Council University Graduate Certificate program prepares students to challenge the following industry certification exams:

  • Licensed Penetration Tester LPT

EC-Council University uses curriculum that has been approved to meet the National Security Agency’s standards in Information Security as follows:

  • NSTISSI 4015 Via LPT Curriculum
  • CNSS 4016 Via ECDR/VT Curriculum