Executive Information Assurance

Graduate Certificate Program

Information assurance leadership is being redefined daily. What once was heavily dependent on policy generation and reactive leadership must now be proactive, tactical and quickly responsive leadership. Everyday organizations are under attack from individual hackers to highly organized cyber crime groups whose intentions range from mass disruption to corporate espionage, financial gain, and many other cyber crimes. Executive leadership in this environment requires a global approach and leading through intra-organizational communication and cooperation.

It further requires an understanding of the vast impacts of any kind of breach on both the infrastructure and operation of the organization, and the ability to lead through the panic and confusion. This certificate will challenge IT leaders to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses in global perspectives, leadership skills and the tactical responsibilities of IT leaders.

PrerequisitesRequired CoursesAdmission Requirements


  • Must hold one of the following: Digital Forensics, IT Analyst, Information Security Professional or Disaster Recovery

Required Courses

  • ECCU 511 Global Business Leadership
  • ECCU 514 Quantum Leadership

And Choose one of the following:

  • ECCU 512 Beyond Business Continuity
  • ECCU 515 Project Management
  • MGMT 502 Business Essentials

Admission Requirements

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