Guiding an organization through the often catastrophic phases of recovering from cyber intrusion, theft and contamination requires a very specific set of technical skills, organizational structure, flexibility and strength understandings, and insight into human behavior in stressful and threatening situations. The Disaster Recovery Graduate Certificate focuses on the process of recovery in terms of the IT infrastructure, the re-establishment and maintenance of IT security, the support of continuing operations throughout, and the implementation of the changes needed to prevent further damage. Often managing the changes that need to occur becomes as difficult as the original disaster. This certificate blends infrastructure planning and recovery with business continuity and change management to prepare students to successfully guide their organizations through the incredibly difficult situation of disaster recovery.

PrerequisitesRequired CoursesProgram MappingAdmission Requirements


  • ECCU 501 Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures must be taken before ECUC 503 Security Analysis & Vulnerability assessment can be taken

Required Courses

Required courses also prepare students to sit for the corresponding EC-Council certifications.

  • ECCU 503 Security Analysis & Vulnerability Assessment
  • ECCU 512 Beyond Business Continuity: Managing Organizational Change
  • ECCU 513 Disaster Recovery

Program Mapping

The EC-Council University Graduate Certificate program prepares students to challenge the following industry certification exam:

  • EC-Council Certified Disaster Recovery & Virtualization Technology Professional ECDR/VT

Admission Requirements

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