Digital Forensics


Cyber crime is a part of life for virtually every organization. Network intrusion and computer crimes come in myriad forms. The skills to investigate, detect, contain and respond to these forms is an essential part of any successful IT team. Both technical skill and an understanding of the criminal mind and motivations are key elements in conducting a forensic investigation of an organization’s computer system. Thus combining the skills of computer forensics, project management and psychological patterns of white collar criminals creates an unstoppable digital forensics professional.

PrerequisitesRequired CoursesProgram Mappings
Required Courses

    • ECCU 502 Investigating Network Intrusions and Computer Forensics
    • ECCU 515 Project Management in IT Security
    • ECCU 516 The Hacker Mind: Profiling the IT Criminal
Program Mappings:

The EC-Council University Graduate Certificate Program prepares students to challenge the following industry certification exam:

      • Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator CHFI

EC-Council University uses curriculum that has been approved to meet the National Security Agency’s standards in Information Security as follows:

      • CNSS 4012 Via CHFI Curriculum