5 Reason Why You Should Opt for an Internship Program at ECCU

5 Reason Why You Should Opt for an Internship Program at ECCU


People tend to hesitate a little when deciding whether to sign up for an internship program while studying. Students who freshly graduated from their respective institutes and colleges find difficulties while searching for good job opportunities in the market. In such situations, an internship acts as the best way to gain experience and knowledge at the same time.

The cybersecurity unemployment rate is constantly dropping to zero percent because recruiters are unable to find skilled employees around the globe. There is also a bigger battle for talented graduates where just attaining a degree is not enough to differentiate from your peers. Opting for an internship program is the best way to help fill the growing skill-gap. Here are the top five reasons stating how internships benefit the candidates.

Reasons to Opt for an Internship

1. Gain a Hands-on Experience

The demand for experienced-professionals among recruiting firms is on a constant rise. Many companies are now providing internship opportunities for students, in order to give them a proper hands-on experience that will help develop their skills and abilities and give them the upper hand among other professionals in the industry.[1]

2. Get Mentored by the Experts of the Industry

Internship mentoring is one of the most vital points of the entire development process. Experts help interns understand the professionalism of a working environment, as well as how to improve their overall skills. This is achieved by training them to understand the job profile, often including personal experiences to enhance the interns’ ability to handle various situations that they might come across.

3. Strengthen Your Resume

Creating an outstanding resume without having any experience becomes tough for graduate students. Students need to understand that opting for an internship gives them the boost to gain knowledge-based experiences. Recruiters and employers often look for candidates whose portfolio reflects hours of hands-on experience, rather than just possessing the knowledge.

4. Master Time Management

Time management is an important skill in the corporate world, playing a major role when required to meet deadlines and targets. Being an intern you will quickly understand how to master time management while working in a fast-paced environment, thereby honing an important part of your managerial skills.

5. Build Your Network

Internships often give us the upper hand to attend different official meetings and events. By attending such meetings you will have the opportunity to communicate with professional experts, gaining new connections.

ECCU’s Internship Program

EC-Council University helps students by matching them with internship opportunities based on their course of study, learning experience, academic specialization, and skills. ECCU deems to help students with ongoing support in all aspects of an internship experience. All internships are pre-qualified to meet ECCU standards and guidelines established by the Department of Labor Fair Labor Standard Act and adhere to all ECCU’s international internship policies.

Students who have opted for the Bachelor or Master of Science in Cyber Security (BSCS) (MSCS) degree programs from ECCU have an open choice between a Capstone project or an internship program present within the Capstone course.

Internship programs help students gain in-depth knowledge about different industries, develop competitive level skills, and gain experiences for further opportunities. A student will be able to attain valuable applied experience which is consistent with their career path.

Students who are participating in a for-credit internship must be registered with a related course, failing which, they are required to complete graded assignments which come in relation to their present organization work or they are advised by faculty during their work term. Students who enrolled in a for-credit internship course are expected to intern should complete a minimum of 12 hours per week during the entire 12-week term. Whereas students who are opting for full-time internships need to work for 20-35 hours or more per week.

For more information, visit https://www.eccu.edu/student-services/internships/


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