Follow these Top Cybersecurity Professors on Twitter

Cybersecurity professors can have a range of expertise, from architecture, maintenance, and administration to forensic investigation of secure networked systems, a type of infrastructure (with a corresponding set of policies) increasingly necessary for safe operation of governments, businesses, nonprofits and educational institutions of all sizes.


The Top 5 Places to Learn Ethical Hacking Online in 2018

No organization is absolutely safe from a data breach in today’s digital world. To protect against this ever-present threat, companies are investing in security controls like encryption, VPNs and multi-factor authentication (MFA) as well as creating vulnerability management programs. These measures don’t cover all digital security risks, however, which is why organizations are hiring or […]


4 Ways a Degree in Cybersecurity Can Help You Score a Leadership Position

As more people depend on cyberspace to manage their business growth, banking transactions, travel, shopping, social networking, and communication, it is apparent that cyberspace has become more vulnerable. Any interference with communication or a crash in the worldwide internet would indeed be a unique challenge to all industries. Due to this vulnerability, it has become […]


13 emerging IT certifications for today’s hottest skills

IT is evolving rapidly, and the skills required to succeed in IT are changing quickly as well. Cloud computing, cybersecurity and data analytics are just a few of the skills employers will look for in the next few years, and several certifications are emerging to help you demonstrate your expertise.


How to Conduct a Search on Scholarship Search Platforms?

College is the most expensive it’s ever been. With tuition rates rising an average of 3.5% every year, scholarships are one of the best ways to reduce these growing costs and scholarship search platforms exist to help students find the most relevant ones. These platforms compile large databases of available scholarships and provide filters to […]