The Cyber Security Talent Acquisition Question of the Year

The international insurance company Lloyd’s estimates that cyber-attacks will cost companies $400 billion a year. There is a belief among some leaders of industry that cybercrime is so sophisticated that it is almost impossible to prevent. If this is true, why are new security technologies, products, and techniques developed every year? Why are educated cyber [...]

Saving the Business World from Cyber Attacks

Those who ponder a career in the cyber security jobs market may be boxed into an idea of working in a government or federal institution securing networks and writing up plans for disaster recovery. However, individuals interested in cyber security degrees should take a look at the plethora of industries that require degreed and/or certified [...]

Solving the Ransomware Cyber Attack Epidemic

A recent report on CIO Dive written by Justine Brown (2016) states: "Ransomware is now the most prolific cyber threat of 2016. Security experts identified 14% more new ransomware malware modifications between January and March this year compared to the same period last year." In another recent CIO Dive article, "University Pays $16K to Unlock [...]